Why should I turn up for a pittance of £300 a day?


        The House of Lords, that £19 million a year symbol of unbridled parasitical privilege, a place that we are told is filled with “Their Lordships” whose only duty is to safeguard our so called democracy. Yet again we find, like the “Honourable Members” of that “other place” that they are no more than petty minded little greedy expense fiddlers. It seems that over 100 of them were claiming £100 a night expenses for living overnight in London while they had their own property in the city. Well I suppose it helps with the champagne bills, one has to have standards.

          Now in an attempt to make them squeaky clean they are to be paid a meagre £300 a day attendance money plus travel expenses. Of course for the really busy little Lordships there is a pop in allowance of £150 for part of the day, plus travel expenses.

          Think on this as you see your benefits cut and your child’s education being decimated. Cast a little reflection on the poor Lordships as your incapacity benefit is stopped or your job disappears. Think of their £300 a day plus expenses as your job seekers allowance is stopped if you refuse to take some crap job for an even crappier wage. Perhaps you could ask your boss for travelling expense just for turning up. Why do we accept such inequalities and such injustices? Remember we are paying for all this and we are the ones being forced to take all the pain. We don’t need a coalition or a new prime minister, we don’t need a change of party and we don’t need to carry this bunch of privileged parasites on our backs. What we do need is a change in the structure of society, we need a society freed from the greed of the millionaire parasites who see profit as the only game in town. We need a society based on the needs of all those who take part in that society, a society based on mutual aid, a society based on communities controlled by those in the community, working in co-operation with all other communities, a federated society of equals, based on sustainability.

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       As Ossie the toff prattled on about his necessary and very fair cuts you probably noticed that there were no cuts announced for the Ministry of War’s budget. I call it by it proper name since all it ever seems to do is send our troops to kill and maim people in other countries. Countries I might add that have never attacked us. He could have saved us £45 billion by scrapping trident and not replacing the beast, but some how he feels the need for our country to have these illegal weapons of mass destruction skulking about deep in the Atlantic pointing at our enemies. Who are our enemies? We don’t know and if we did we couldn’t fire these weapons of mass destruction, for though we bought and paid for them, we can’t use them without America’s permission, and they are unlikely to grant that permission unless it is somebody they don’t like, so we would be doing them a favour and taking the blame. At a running cost of £5 billion a year, these weapons of mass destruction do however allow our ministers to prance about on the international stage with the label “Super Power” pinned to their chest. That must make them feel good!! Let’s try to imagine how that £5 billion a year works out in schools, hospitals, cheap homes and/or an excellent public transport system.

        Though Ossie the toff didn’t cut our Ministry of War budget you would imagine that there was a wee bit wiggle room there, as, for the year 2009, the financial crash year, we managed to spend more on warfare than Russia. As a matter of fact we were the third largest spender on warfare on the planet, We were only beaten into third place by the mighty war machines of the USA and China.

         Our democratic welfare state managed to spend for the year 2009 approximately £45.8 billion on war. How would that translate into health, education and pensions? Of course we have to think what would the state be without its war machine? How could it make those land grabs for the corporate world, how could it seize other people’s oil for the oil giants? Yes, we need that mighty war machine to protect and increase the assets of the corporate world, so you and I will just have to pay up, grin and bear it.

       We could of course organise to change society so that it sees to the needs of all its people and works in peace and co-operation with all other ordinary people across the planet. A society where the need to protect the greedy profit seeking parasites is a distant memory from the dustbin of history.

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        300 British troops killed in Afghanistan, it is working out at 1 killed every other day, 300 British families devastated, all in the name of –WHAT–? This does not take into account the number of young people coming back from that imperial expedition with limbs missing and other horrific injuries, then there are those who come home mentally scarred and broken. The bulk of those killed and damaged in this imperial affair are from the working class, the class that has nothing to gain from this endless slaughter. When it comes to why we are there we get a myriad of answers from, making us safe here in the UK, to building a true democracy in Afghanistan, of course we haven’t even started to build a true democracy here in the UK. 

    Recently we have been getting little hints of what could be the true reason for our government sacrificing so many of our  working class youth, (and they are young, the average age of UK deaths in Afghanistan is 22 and among the 300 deaths, 31 were teenagers) In some of the financial papers there has been talk of the mineral wealth of Afghanistan as being in the £3 trillion region. Now the Western corporate world is not going to let that fall into the hands of of any other power group. So they call on their minders, the Western states to get in there and lay claim to that wealth by setting up a compliant government. A government that will let the Western corporate greed machine rip, rape and plunder that unfortunate land to feed their ever hungry shareholders. We the working class of the world bleed and the corporate world gains.  

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I’m proud of my people, proud to be one of them,

that great mass on society’s bottom rung.

Those who, with coaldust under their nails

in their eyes, in their lungs

claw at the earth’s entrails.

Their brothers,

cement in their hair

in their mouth, in their ears,

oil ingrained in their fingers,

on their face.

Sisters, glistening with sweat

midst the ceaseless noise of machines

that throw out shirts, shoes, toys, carpets

for other people.

Those with soil and sweat stuck to their skin

smelling of the earth, feeding the multitude,

grinding out their lives in a harsh pitiless system

weighted down

with a sack load of half-dead dreams,

sometimes brought to their knees

by a tidal wave of despair,

never defeated,

groping in the dark to find tomorrow,

keeping hope alive;

they amaze me.

Somehow, from somewhere

in this cold, cruel

unforgiving scheme of things

they find love for their children.

Not a teaspoonful, not a cupful,

but buckets full, to bathe them in,

to pour over them.

They seem to know

that one day this world will be ours

and to take care of it

we will need those who have been loved

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         Tuesday sees well manicured millionaire Osborne, on behalf of the millionaires club, launch his attack on the working class via his emergency budget. This will be the first step to take the working class back to the thirties, back to Victorian poverty. We have to show that we are not going down that road just to save the bond markets and some of his other millionaire friends from suffering some financial loss. They want to safe guard their fortunes at our expense, they know it is a class war, we pay for the problems, not the millionaires that caused the problems. To them, that’s the way it should be. We have to show that we also recognise this as a class war and we know who our enemies are. We are not in the same club as that bunch of pampered, parasitical, millionaire hypocrites.

          On Tuesday 22 June there will be a demonstration and rally in George Square Glasgow from 3pm onwards. There will be a host of speakers speaking out against the cuts but no doubt some will be asking for you to vote them into power next time round. That’s not the answer, the rally and demonstration is all well and good as a first phase to show our opposition to this savage attack on our living standards and show that we will act in solidarity with all our communities. However the struggle must continue into the workplaces and the local communities. Standing in George Square listening to speakers will not stop the cuts.

           It was on July 31st 1925 that then Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin made the following statement; “All the workers of this country have got to take reductions in wages to help to put industry on its feet.” Yes, they seem to have been a wee bit more honest in those days, no crap about us all being in this together for the sake of the country. Less than a year on from that statement Britain was in the grip of a general strike. The entire working class was solid but were sold down the river by the trade unions. We must learn from that and never let control leave the grass roots. All action against the cuts must be driven and controlled by the people involved, don’t play follow-my-leader into the trap of change the party in power and waving at a new smiling shiny leader.

           Workers control, communities controlled by those in that community working in federation with each other to change society, not to change the leader. We don’t need leaders, prime ministers, kings or presidents, their record doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

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      As the narcissistic ballerinas of the West Minster House of Corruption prance about in their illusionary world of necessary cuts spouting that there is consensus in the need for savage cuts, not one has suggested some savage cuts to the military spending. For example, how about saving £4 billion a year by ending the war in Afghanistan or saving £70 billion by scrapping Trident, which is more than the millionaire cabal say is needed to balance the books. With one piece of legislation they could wipe out the deficit and end the pointless slaughter of young members of the working class, 298 to date and rising, plus the pointless slaughter of thousands of Afghans, children, young, old, men and women.

         But no, I’m afraid our millionaire friends believe that we are all behind them in this vicious attack on the living conditions of our class. We have even been asked where we would like the axe to fall. A bit like being allowed to select the axe that you will be behead with. We are being asked to take our living standards back to the Victorian era so as to safeguard the profits of the bond markets. Our millionaire friends know who their friends are, and it is not you and I. They also know where they stand in the class war, fair square behind the financial and bond markets, after all that’s where they keep their loot.

         Do we, the ordinary people of this country know who our friends are? It certainly isn’t the filthy rich millionaires’ club who are making a grab for what little we have. With 23 millionaires in the cabinet, they’re not likely to upset their friends and relatives who live by shuffling money around the world to the detriment of the ordinary people.

         This is class war, too many ordinary people are swallowing the propaganda of the enemy and accept the illusionary view that the millionaires’ club are doing all this to save us from further pain. We are supposed to inflict ourselves with pay cuts/freezes, cuts in social benefits, cuts in health, education, pensions and drastic cuts to the social fabric of society on top of rapidly increasing unemployment, the effects of which will last for years, and all this is for our benefit??? What pain will fall on the millionaires club, how will the parasites sitting in that West Minster House of Corruption suffer in these “difficult times”? Can we trust a bunch of parasitical, narcissistic, well manicured millionaires to organise society to the benefit of all? Do we need them? I’m sure we have the imagination and the ability to organise society to suit the needs of all our people, a society freed from the greed of the millionaires and the profit seeking god they worship.

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Batons at the ready??

Once again a victim of police brutality ends up in court charged with violence.  Harvie Brown was charged as the ring leader of violence against the police at last years G20 protest. However it took the jury a mere 30 minutes to find him not guilty after seeing film footage of the police brutality against protesters. A glowing example of the need for protesters to film everything they see at such an event. Film evidence in court can be very powerful and can in some cases contradict the police evidence, as it did in this case. A mass protest with everybody armed with their video phones merrily taking film of everything in sight would be a clear indication that we are aware of what we are up against and are collecting the evidence. They may manage to confiscate some, but some will survive and “could be used  as evidence in a court of law.”

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