500m more slum dwellers by 2030


       According to recent studies the population of the world’s slums is set to burgeon by more than 500 million within 25 years, By 2030 the number of city dwellers is likely to mushroom from the current 3 billion to more than 4.1 billion. However the appalling consequences of this is that more than half that number will be crammed into ghettoes and shanty towns unless plans for urban renewal are radically altered. Of course you and I know this is capitalism and that the plans to avoid this cruel, brutal event will never be carried out, in fact it is because of capitalism that this is happening.

        The World Watch Institute in Washington states that at present urban areas cover 0.4 per cent of the Earth’s surface and generate the bulk of harmful carbon dioxide emis­sions, and of the 33 cities projected to have 8 million or more residents by 2015, at least 21 are coastal and will have to contend with rising seas caused by global warming. However the capitalist system continues on its way driving people from rural areas into the cities. More than 60 million people – about the population of Britain – move into cities each year, mostly in developing countries.

       Dr Carolyn Stephens, a lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “Cities are the Brave New World, with a minority living long lives in over-consuming afflu­ence, and where most die young in inescapable poverty.”

        David Satterthwaite, of the London-based International Institute for Environment and Development, said “— cities become among the most polluted and dangerous places, where one in four children dies before the age of five,”

        We can’t say that the corporate world is unaware of these facts, they cause the problem and the information is freely available, it’s just that it can’t prevent them as its only aim, come what may, is to increase profits to the greedy shareholders, who no doubt will never live anywhere near the ghettoes or shanty towns.

        If this problem is to be tackled it can only be done by destroying the corporate greed machine and its bed companion, the state apparatus that paves its way. The capitalist system has for centuries continued to widen the gap between rich and poor and to do this it has to rape and plunder the planet, the state system legislates to see that it has a free hand and all the military support it needs. Do you want to be, or your grandchildren to be among the future dwellers of the ghettoes or shanty towns? If not, then it is now we have to act, the slum future for millions of ordinary people is racing towards us. It is already here for millions, no city will be exempt.

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     Nothing ever changes in the relationship between the corporate greed machine and the state. Big business can and does create tensions and shape the state’s foreign policy, all draped in the cloak of patriotism and compassion for others. The state and the corporate greed machine have honour degrees in hypocrisy.

        In 2001, Bruce Jackson, vice president of Lockheed Martin and other members of the neocon Project for a New American Century, wrote to President George Bush stating that “American Forces must be prepared to back up our commitment to the Iraqi opposition by all necessary means.” What was driving his desire to help the Iraqi opposition, the love of the people or the love of the money involved? The previous year Bruce Jackson chaired the sub committee that produced the Republican Party’s foreign policy document that George Bush ran on in 2000. A few months after retiring from Lockheed Martin, Bruce Jackson in 2002 formed the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. Were Bruce Jackson’s views altruistic and driven by the concern for the Iraqi people or were they shaped by the billions of dollars that Lockheed Martin stood to plunder from the taxpayers as a result of the war?

         As Iraq burned costing countless thousands of casualties and ever mounting deaths, not to mention nearly $300 million a day of taxpayers money, another contractor driven organisation, The Iran Policy Committee is calling for pre-emptive strikes against Iran. Why is big business being allowed to shape a state’s foreign policy? They are simply the same organisation, big business picks up the loot and the state does the strong arm stuff. Working class bodies and taxpayers money will feed the corporate greed machine’s avaricious appetite for profit if they have their usual influence on the American state apparatus.

         Like I said before, this is not new, the history of the modern state is littered with the corruption of its bed partner corporate greed. It was one of their own, General Eisenhower, that called for, “An alert and knowledgeable citizenry” to stand up to the military industrial complex.

       Well isn’t it now time to stand up and dismantled this festering union of corporate greed and the state apparatus? Must we see endless wars and countless deaths stretch into the future of our children, all in the name of corporate greed? Must profit shape this world into an endless battlefield?

       We the people have the power, of that there is no doubt, all we need is the will. We must communicate, organise and resist our children’s future being dragged into this nightmare of endless wars.

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       The state system seems to survive in spite of its crippling restrictions on our civil liberties, today more than ever the state works against the general population and is simply the apparatus that keeps control of the population while the corporate world rapes and plunders the planet in its endless pursuit of profit. It protects a small group of pampered parasites and ensures that the wealth of the world flows in their direction and stays there. Why haven’t we as ordinary people brought and end to this enslaving system?

Perhaps it is because there is a powerful disposition in each of us toward developing a view of the truth, a value structure, that favours the circumstances into which we happened to have been born. Where we start from always seems normal, therefore correct, it is only with observation and reasoning that we realise other ways and start to question our values. Interaction with others should stimulate or reasoning, unfortunately, self ennoblement can be and often is, the invisible cement of religious and political dogma. Against this invisible barrier the only defence is the ruthless application of reason. Reason must be the doorman that evicts and prevents entry of self-serving false entailments that attempt to shape our value structures. inducing us to accept a false reality. Reason should force us to see our true position in relation to the social structures we build.

Each of us has the faculty of reason, and it is our right, as well as our responsibility, to exercise it. Surrendering this faculty to others, for what ever purpose, whether it be to the authority of the state, church or political party, is neither a rational nor an ethical option. Holding a particular belief can never relieve us of our responsibility to strive to justify our beliefs in the light of evidence. The state by its nature negates the individual’s right to govern his/her own life by reason, as it demands allegiance. Today we have marauding religion infested politics on the rampage with powerful states infused with religion, this is intrinsically flawed and extremely dangerous to us all, since they must insist on their version of the truth against all others. A considerable amount of the violence across the world is manifestation of this fact. How we interact, one with the other can have no reference to revelation but only to ethical truths that can be discovered through human reason. Our capacity for such reasoning and that each individual is capable of ethical consideration, is what gives each of us the right to equal worth, this in turn makes any need to appeal to divine revelation redundant. It should also allows to see the state in its true colour and look beyond this system to a better world built on reasoned co-operation and mutual aid.




I am fire,

I surge, I hiss,

sometimes bursting forth in a flame

that lights up the world

illuminating unimagined dreams.

Then the black cloak

blankets out the glow.

Again all is dark,

but, still

beneath the surface

I surge, I hiss,

I endure, waiting, seeking,

building up pressure.

One day I will explode

destroying forever

the Tartarean crust of oppression.

I am fire,

I am the people.

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Grooming for subservience!!!


      It is often said that we are sleepwalking into a police state. I would disagree and say that if we aren’t already there we are certainly galloping straight into the cage. On top of all the intimidating national database, ID cards, security checks and armed police at various points we are now to be hit with the police carrying portable finger print scanners. In spite of the fact that there is considerable doubt about there accuracy as the rely on a flat scan and not the rolled scan with ink as used in police stations. 

      While all this is going on there are people, who, seeing the dangers are protesting against this continued intrusion by the state into our every personal detail and movement. However there are those without a voice who are being weaned on this intrusive fabric of the police state and it is going on more or less without any real protest. Our children are being subjected to a more invasive regime than we would readily accept yet we seem to do nothing.

      What our children are being subjected to is nothing short of the panoptic society. Below are listed some of the infringements to their human rights, which, by our silence we blindly endorse.

Police stationed in Eastbank Academy, Campus Cops. Glasgow, from 2002 now widespread in schools (BBC News 16.09.02, Evening Times, 09.10.07

CCTV mass surveillance (31 cameras) in Perth Academy 2003; playgrounds corridors and stairways. (SCS)

Fingerprinting nursery pupils for library books, to be implemented in Queen Street nursery, Falkirk 2006 (Forest;2007)

Random Drug testing in schools called for from Head Teachers Association of Scotland (HAS) 2006

Fujitsu “Palm Secure” biometric palm scan, Todholm Primary School Paisley, (first in Europe) 2006 rolled out to 14 Education authorities by 2007, (Yarg Biometrics based in Perth) (Forest; 2007)

Amey Infrastructures Services (Glasgow) contractors for PFI builds biometric scanning into new school construction Renfrew, 2007.

RFID radio frequency identity cards- Active frequency tagging sewn into school uniforms, Hungerhill School, Doncaster England age 11 – 16 (Spartan Solutions and Sun Microsystems)

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) databases include samples from anyone arrested over the age of 10 regardless of being charged or convicted or innocent.

Microdrones used by Merseyside Police are flying remote controlled ‘spy drones’ (tried out in Iraq) fitted with CCTV cameras now used for tackling antisocial behaviour from 2007.     

      If our kids are subjected to this degree of surveillance as soon as they walk into school they are likely to grow up with the assumption that this is normal and will hardly protest as the intrusion creeps ever more personal as they grow into adulthood. This is only possible by our silence and the co-operation of the state’s soft police force, the teachers. It has to be attacked or the next generation will be walking zombies of the true police state, where their every personal detail and movement is known and checked to see if it complies with the wishes of the state.

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     It is endemic in every nation state, it is part and parcel of the nationalist philosophy, “our people are pure, our culture superior, other nationals inferior, other cultures either brutal, backward, decadent or all of these. History is littered with the brutal genocide of innocent people just because their culture was “different”, their language “different.”

Our world of nation states is a world built and controlled by psychotics who believe that they are superior and in a position to lead the world. Their reality separates them from any other human that is in someway different and in their world difference equates with inferior. Their beliefs of national superiority have sent rivers of blood flowing across our tiny world.

This will only change when those who believe that all people are basically the same and have the right to self expression and respect wrestle control of their lives from the nationalist psychotics and dismantle the nation states.  

One Face of US Genocide.

      Migrant child imprisoned at Hutto prison in Texas for over six months with her mother. The prison fed children spoiled milk and forbid them toys, while mothers were sexually assaulted and chained to their beds during medical examinations. Homeland Security denied entry to the United Nations Rapporteur for migrants in May 2007 at the for-profit prison of refugee and migrant infants and children./Photo Jay Johnson-Castro More information from: HERE

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The 20th century man

In 1918, I, a man of the 20th century, ordered 10,000 men

like me over the top. A similar man, on the other side,

ordered machine guns, howitzers, and mortars to fire.

He had to stop my men.

He did. Few of them returned. And most of them – like me –

were scarred in mind for life.

I did it. He did it. His Emperor did it. My President did it.

Our Stone Age ancestors did it.

In a hundred days I sent a thousand bombers across the Channel

to blow apart and incinerate my fellow man, just as some of them

had gassed and burned to ashes many more of my fellow man.

They did it. We did it. I did it.

And you know something? I wasn’t even born when I sent

my fellow man to death at Belleau Wood;

and only a child when I rained fire on Hamburg.

But as certain as I live today, I did it.

Years later, when I am gone, when others bemoan

the slaughter at Verdun, the fiery atomization of Hiroshima,

the disembowelment of Vietnam, the consuming fireballs of 9-11,

death grants me no rest, because if others don’t know him,

I know the 20th century man behind those horrors.

If it could, my earth bound fleshless jaw, bone grating against bone,

would try to form these words:

I – did – it.

Robert W Proctor  November 2002

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