Recently there has been rumblings coming from the various political pundits that today’s situation means that it is no longer a matter of the right-left struggle, it is now a struggle of the people aginst the corporate world. It may come as a surprise to these people, but since the late 1880′s anarchists have been saying that it is not a matter of left and right between the people but a matter of the people against the state. The state has always been there for the protection of the wealthy. After all it was them that set the whole thing up in the first place, and it took generations of struggle for the ordinary people to get even a token element of participation. Remember the struggle for all to get the vote, then for women to get the vote.? Americans can surely remember the civil rights struggles. The only thing that has changed is that in the past the wealthy of a nation owned that nation, now the corporate world own the planet. It is the corporate world that dictates fiscal policies to the various nations. Look around the world and you see governments of left, right, and middle all pursuing the same fiscal policies, the only variation is in degree and speed.

         As long as we accept a system that sets the creation of wealth for the corporate institutions as the goal rather than the well being of the people, we will continually see the gap between rich and poor ever escalating. Poverty will run rampant and the elite pampered parasites will own and control every aspect of our lives.

        Anarchist have been proclaiming this since the word “anarchist” first came in to the language. The difference now is that is is becoming more and more glaringly obvious that they have been right all along. So all those “political pundits” have to do is take the obvious step and through their weight behind the cause for anarchism. 


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       We are continually fed the illusion that the world under capitalism is always improving the lot of the people on the planet. However, if we check out some figures we  see that illusion burst and disappear. Take the basic minimum necessity of life, access to safe drinking water. You would imagine that as this wonderful system of capitalism develops more and more people would have access to safe drinking water. The truth is the opposite, at this moment in time 18:45 on September, 25, 2010 the figure of those who have no access to safe drinking water is, 1,422,510,560. The reason I give the time as well as the date is that the rate is rising so fast the it would be out dated by the time I have posted this article.

    This surely is irrefutable proof that the system of capitalism is failing the people of this planet. The small group of parasites at the top gather ever more wealth and power, their lives move in circles of ever increasing opulence while the number of people who don’t get the basics of life continually rises. 

     The misery of not getting access to safe drinking water brings with it disease and early death yet we see the figure rising so fast that it is impossible to give an accurate figure. This situation will not improve with aid packages and charity organisations , as long as profit is the  name of the game, people will die in ever increasing numbers.

    Our only hope is to destroy this corporate nightmare of greed and to hell with the hindmost and start to build a society based on mutual aid, sustainability and co-operation, anarchists point the way, anarchism is the tool.

  At the end of writing this article  the figure for those with no access to safe drinking water is now: 1,422,523,901 and rising.

Check the figures here at http://www.worldometers.info/

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“Making A Difference” web has just gone live.

Making A Difference, Stories from the Fight Against Poverty in
Scotland: http://makingadifferencescotland.co.uk

Will be showcased at Document 8
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Chance to see Simon Yuills film “Given to the People” at Galgael on Thursday 30 September 2010 Free
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Invitation to STREETLAND 2011  public meeting. Let’s get this baby walking and talking….

Time: September 29, 2010 from 7pm to 8:30pm
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Yes, it’s that time of year when we start planning the next STREETLAND festival and we invite you to join in the ideas, discussions and offer the chance to get involved in the event itself, all over soup and samosas. Oh yes!

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            So it would appear that the Pope is no popstar, with only 50,000 tickets sold for the beautification ceremony in Birmingham, at £25 a go, the faithful have drawn back and held onto their money. How many would pay that and more to see Robbie Williams? So it looks like the Vatican will have to fork out some extra cash for their travelling circus. In spite of the lack of screaming fundamentalist pop fans, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the highest-ranking Catholic in the country, stressed that the visit would have a positive effect on the state of the Catholic Church in Britain, and we all know, it certainly needs that. He also stated, “It improves morality in the Catholic Christian community. It will outweigh any fears, any worries, any depression that folk might feel about the cost. I look forward to it very, very positively,” Of course he will not be paying, so why would he worry about the cost. Some media sources have stated that the government has set aside a FURTHER £10 million to cover the cost, so are we talking about £20 million of tax payers money to fund this medieval mumbo-jumbo indulgence of illusions of the biggest paedophile riddled organisation in the world? Austerity cuts and we are all in this together!!!

    For those interested there will be a large demonstration in central London this Saturday against the Pope’s visit. Why not pop along and add your voice.

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        The TUC is talking about an attack on this “demolition government” and stating that there will be poll tax type anger on the streets when these “austerity cuts” start to bite. If the TUC is hoping that the general public will back them to get things back to pre election terms then I hope they are disappointed. I would hope that the people will see this for what it is, it is not about cuts, it is about transferring all public assets to the private sector. It is the complete corporatisation of all of our entire society. It is certainly a demolition job on anything that is publicly owned, it is the fulfilment of the corporate mantra, business and profit must triumph over welfare.

       This is an attack on public libraries, schools, health centres, museums, art galleries, public parks, welfare services, universities, it is the restructuring society where the public own nothing and have to buy everything from the corporate world. You will have no control over the shape of our society, that will be determined by the profit motive of the boardrooms around the world.

       If the general public organise and take to the streets in anger, and I hope they do, it should be to change the shape of our society for once and for all. Let’s not fool ourselves, that is what the millionaire cabal in the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption are intent on doing. The difference is that they want to change it in favour of the millionaire’s club, we must change it in favour of all our people and to hell with the pampered parasite millionaires. We can manage our affairs with justice and and fairness and see to the needs of all our people if we have the courage to dump the millionaires and their greed driven desire for ever more profit. Capitalism is a man made system, we can dismantle it and build a society based on mutual aid and sustainability.

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