The Edinburgh June 5 demo against the Israeli massacre had a remarkable turnout. It was good to see such a large crowd at such short notice. There were groups from all parts of Scotland proudly displaying their banners. Despite the problems that the ordinary people of this country face because of the governments economic policies, it is obvious that the people of Scotland have not lost their compassion when others are in need.  

   This brutal Israeli state activity even brought out the local canine activists who marched with the other protesters in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

    It is obvious that the pressure must be kept up to bring the Israeli zionist policies to a halt. Of course that is only one step in the right direction, we must struggle to end the state system. This brutal massacre is only one display of state savagery, we could fill  a library with the list of brutal events visited on the ordinary people of this world by state oppression. By far the greatest killers in this world are states, their brutality outstrips any other organisation. In our focus on this massacre let’s not forget it is the state system that is at the root of this violence.

ann arky’s home.


  1. Good to see Scotland’s infamous amazing weather didn’t let you down (;

    But anyway, great work. I went to one last Friday in Nottingham, it was more to raise awareness than to march though.

    Also I’m starting an anarchy cafe in Nottingham, if you’re ever down let me know.

  2. Yea the weather was good to us. It is always good, perhaps necessary would be better, to have a focal point in your town/city where you ideas are always on display. A cafe, social centre, regular well publicised meetings, a stall at weekends, etc.
    I hope your cafe takes off.

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