If we know our history we realise that this so called “crisis” we are facing is nothing new. It is just one of the many and usual “crisis” in this system of capitalism that blights our lives.

     As our two manicured public school boys, running that Westminster House of Corruption keep spouting about cuts here and cuts there, all of which will be an attack on the ordinary people, we should cast our minds back. It was on  the 31st of July 1925, the then Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, stated “All the workers of this country have got to take reductions in wages to help to put industry on its feet”.  Sound familiar? Yes, it was just the same old shit. The parasitical industrialist were feeling a wee bit of a pinch, due to their greed and short sightedness, so it was time to make a a bigger grab from the working class.  They know their class war!!

    What followed shortly afterwards was the 1926 general strike. Of course we all know how that it ended. It ended by the unions selling the working class down the river.

    With this latest attack on the working class we could or perhaps that should read “should” take the same action again.  However, knowing our history we should be better prepared and not allow the unions to do the same as last time. We must be better organised at grassroots level, keep control of the actions at that level, making sure that the unions are there to do our bidding not to dictate to us.

   Of course things have changed as far as industry goes, but we are  still all workers and it is that which must unite us across the full spectrum of society. It is with that in mind that we must organise and work together in federation with all other groups. Victorian povert awaits you if there is inertia and/or disunity among our people.

       Again history might help, we could do well to recall the Clyde Workers Committee.   Of course we could just sit back and let the wealthy privileged parasites slash and grab at our standard of living, after all we wouldn’t want the bankers, bond holders and shareholders to run the risk of losing some of their ill earned wealth, would we??

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3 thoughts on “SAME OLD SHIT!!.

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  2. I noticed that a lot of the UK anarchists are closer to syndicalist thinking, at least thats what I gather from the internet blogs. How would you describe your views?

    • Hi,
      you are probably right but the situation changes, as anarchists should depending on the situation at any given moment, as long as they remain true to the basic anarchist principles. I likewise would support that which would further an anarchist society. Let’s hope it is a multi faceted society that sees to the needs of all our people.

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