The following is a short extract from a very interesting article, the whole of which can be read HERE. It is something that all the big financial institutions don’t comment on, well at least not in public. 

    Though it is obvious that if there is the likelhood of such a collapse  the ordinary people should be organising at grass roots level to co-operate and survive through sustainable mutual aid projects. Are we? You can rest assured that the pampered parasites responsible for the debt bubble and its eventual bursting, will have taken good care of their survival, even at the expense of the ordinary people. 

“—Despite all of our advanced technology, the truth is that human civilization simply cannot function without oil and food.  But now the price of oil and the price of food are both increasing dramatically.  So how is the current global economy supposed to keep functioning properly if it soon costs much more to ship products between continents?  How are the billions of people that are just barely surviving today supposed to feed themselves if the price of food goes up another 30 or 40 percent?  For decades, most of the major economies around the globe have been able to take for granted that massive amounts of cheap oil and massive amounts of cheap food will always be there.  So what happens when that paradigm changes?—“

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             On 29 June 2010, I posted the idea that nothing less than an indefinite Pan-European general strike would be needed to change the shape of society for ever. To free ourselves from the grip of corporate greed and build a society based on mutual aid in a sustainable fashion we have to take control of all those corporate institutions. In a word, occupy, transforming them into institutions that are truly democratic, sustainable and run for the benefit of all in our communities, working in federation with each other.

           There is no point to forming a mass organisation to ask our “Lords and Masters” (the parasites) to please give us back some of our pensions and please don’t decimate our health service and could we please have a half decent education system, but leave the greed mongers and millionaire parasites in charge. We created all the wealth on the planet, we own it by our forefathers sweat and blood and by our own efforts. They on the other hand have contributed nothing but control it all. The present economic climate may be our last chance to grasp control and change society for ever. Every ordinary person will feel the effects of the millionaires “austerity cuts”, ever ordinary person has to realise that there is a better way to organise our society without feeding the plundering parasites of the corporate world. We have nothing to lose, they are attempting to take every public asset into private hands and completely out of your control. Social services will be private business, you pay or you do without or rely on charities. This system of leaders, presidents and corporate greed has given us nothing but wars, poverty and deprivation, we can surely manage our lives much better than that.

         Organising to take control of our communities and our workplaces is the only hope left for the ordinary people to create a decent life for themselves and their children. As long as we accept the present system of plundering and exploitation of the many by the few, then we are on an ever accelerating downward spiral to ever greater deprivation.

          The UK Trades Unions have called for a co-ordinated defence of our conditions, the members should be calling not just for UK co-ordinated action but for that Pan-European general strike, not to protect our conditions but to create that better society which is run for the benefit of all. A truly free and democratic society based on free association, voluntary co-operation, mutual aid and sustainability. To hell with the misery of being exploited to hand greedy shareholders a life of unearned luxury, to hell with Chief Executives firing thousands of workers and walking away with millions of pounds for their efforts. The 29th September is growing ever nearer???

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        The Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption’s well manicured millionaire twins plans for the NHS will not see it completely disappear, it will be transformed into a safety net where the poorest will get a minimum of care and those with the money to pay will get an excellent service avoiding waiting times. It will be a 1920/30s model where money will buy you what you want.

           The foundation trust hospitals will be able to offer private care along side the safety net services. Those with the money to pay will be able to choose their doctor and have their diagnosis and treatment done in rapid time avoiding the appointment and waiting time queues of the poorer members of society. The cash customers will get first call on what is the finite skills of the service, this of course will be at the expense of those unable to pay for that first class rapid service.

         What was the fundamental underlying principle of the health service, treatment for all at the time of need, will be sacrificed on the altar of Mammon, the god of the corporate world.

          Apart from being a disaster for the ordinary people, these plans for the Nation Health service will be bonus to the well manicured millionaire twins’ friends in the corporate world. They will now be able to scoop up billions of pounds from the health needs of the nation. Another public asset will be handed over to the corporate world.

         Good bye 21st century National Health Service, hello 1930s sticking plaster and delay service for the ordinary people. The ordinary people of this country should not accept such a blatant attack on their health and well being nor the plunder of their national assets without a rigorous and sustained battle. Just as the millionaire cabal is trying to change society forever to the benefit of the corporate world, so we the ordinary people should be organising to change society forever to the benefit of all our people. It should be seen for what it is a class war battle.

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       Today we are witnessing a corporate pan-European attack on the living conditions of the working class. Governments across Europe, at the behest of the corporate/financial institutions are cutting back on the welfare state. Social services, education, health, pensions, libraries, museums, swimming pools, etc. are all being ripped apart to make it easier for the private sector to move in and provide these services, in part or in whole. In the eyes of the corporate world if you need it or want it then the private sector should be the provider, at a profit of course, and if you can’t afford it, then you do without or rely on charity. This policy helps to cut taxes for big business and at the same time creates a large pool of cheap labour as people become desperate for a job, any job, at any wage. At least, that’s the theory, how it work out depends on you and I.

        This is a co-ordinated attack on our living standards, a well organised class war battle by a grouping that knows it is a class war and will work in unison with each other to attempt total victory. To respond with piece-meal individual union action will be futile, your not dealing with a boss-man that lives down the road, it is faceless corporate institutions of international capital. If we hope to have any chance of claiming our right to a decent standard of living and controlling our own lives we have to think as they do. We have to be united across unions and across borders, our actions have to be co-ordinated. One day general strikes happening here and there will be snuffed out, it has to be pan-European action. There has been several one day general strikes across Europe, Greece has had at least 5 since this recent attack on our conditions, Spain has had several, Italy and the Basque Country have had well supported one day general strikes. Let’s make that a rehearsal for the real battle, Spain has called for another one day general strike on the 29th September. That leaves plenty of time for the workers in all the other European countries to co-ordinate and organise for that pan-European general strike. It should however not be a one day affair as this can be endured and overcome by the corporate world. It has to be a sustained general strike across Europe with the workers of Europe realising that this is a class war and we have to win or take our conditions back to the Victorian era of poverty.

Of course we don’t just want to get things back to the greedfest of the consumer society where the corporate world rips us off as we pile up the debt and the planet gets plundered and raped. This so called crisis is our opportunity to unite in one massive class war battle that will change the shape of society forever. Our chance to create a society based on mutual aid, free from the greedy profit motive, a society of federated communities that sees to the needs of all our people, a society that sees sustainability as the natural and most beneficial road to build a world for future generations one that we would be proud to hand over to our children and grandchildren.

        This could be our last chance, think of all the bitter struggles that it took to lift some of us above that Victorian poverty of the past, think how difficult it will be to do it all over again, how many generations will be destroyed in the process. Let’s think of this as the corporate world’s last stand.

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      If we know our history we realise that this so called “crisis” we are facing is nothing new. It is just one of the many and usual “crisis” in this system of capitalism that blights our lives.

     As our two manicured public school boys, running that Westminster House of Corruption keep spouting about cuts here and cuts there, all of which will be an attack on the ordinary people, we should cast our minds back. It was on  the 31st of July 1925, the then Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, stated “All the workers of this country have got to take reductions in wages to help to put industry on its feet”.  Sound familiar? Yes, it was just the same old shit. The parasitical industrialist were feeling a wee bit of a pinch, due to their greed and short sightedness, so it was time to make a a bigger grab from the working class.  They know their class war!!

    What followed shortly afterwards was the 1926 general strike. Of course we all know how that it ended. It ended by the unions selling the working class down the river.

    With this latest attack on the working class we could or perhaps that should read “should” take the same action again.  However, knowing our history we should be better prepared and not allow the unions to do the same as last time. We must be better organised at grassroots level, keep control of the actions at that level, making sure that the unions are there to do our bidding not to dictate to us.

   Of course things have changed as far as industry goes, but we are  still all workers and it is that which must unite us across the full spectrum of society. It is with that in mind that we must organise and work together in federation with all other groups. Victorian povert awaits you if there is inertia and/or disunity among our people.

       Again history might help, we could do well to recall the Clyde Workers Committee.   Of course we could just sit back and let the wealthy privileged parasites slash and grab at our standard of living, after all we wouldn’t want the bankers, bond holders and shareholders to run the risk of losing some of their ill earned wealth, would we??

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       Recent government figures show the extent of poverty in this, one of the richest nations on the planet. The previous government set the target of cutting in half by 2010 the number of people living in poverty. It miserably failed, the figures for 2008/09 show the number of people in this country living in poverty amounted to 10.9 million, 18% of the population. A marginal decrease from the previous year. Of course in this rich capitalist country, working does not necessarily mean that you lead the good life. You can be employed and still need to have your income topped up by taxpayers money, in fact we are subsidising your employer who fails to pay you a living wage. This sink of poverty is spread across the full spectrum of the population, taking in children, adults and pensioners.

         The number of children living in poverty in this country is a staggering 2.8 million, 22% of the child population of the country. Pensioners after their life of working producing the wealth of this country come out no better. 18% of pensioner couples, 18% of single male pensioners and a shameful 25% of single female pensioners are all struggling in that sink of poverty.

         If those with their rose tinted glasses expect to see the manicured twins now in charge, wave a magic wand and make poverty disappear, they are going to be miserably disappointed. With the cut and slash plans they are spouting, what we can expect is a revisit to the Victorian era. Ask yourself, when has this rich capitalist country ever been rid of poverty? What makes you think that keeping the same capitalist system that has mired millions in poverty will somehow transform itself into a benevolent system that will see to the needs of all?

          We don’t need a change of faces at No.10, we don’t need a pair of photogenic, privileged public school boys to fiddle about with some figures, making sure that the wealth stays right where it is at the moment. NO, we need a complete change of system, an end to the free market capitalist winner take all and to hell with the hindmost. We need to organise to take control of our communities, work places and assets, and organise society so that we can see to the needs of all our people,. We need to build a society based on mutual aid, free association, voluntary co-operation and sustainability. We either do that, or we face a future of more poverty for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

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Short circuit the state!!!


        To today’s activists in the communities it must be perfectly clear by now that you can’t make a dent in the institutions of the modern state in the hope of changing them. The modern state is so entwined with the corporate world that they function as one and the same and the corruption of the political world is matched only by the corruption of the corporate world. To become involved in any of these institutions in the hope of change must eventually corrupt the ideals of those working for that change. You will be sucked in and become part and parcel of the system that you are trying to change.

      In the hope of changing society for the better it becomes necessary to work outside those institutions, working in the community seeking alternative ways to shape those communities, circumventing and short circuiting the institutions of state and the corporate world. Eventually hoping to replace them.

      Howard Zin explains it more fully in the following extract;

       ” If you work through the existing structures you are going to be corrupted. By working through political system that poisons the atmosphere, even the progressive organizations, you can see it even now in the US, where people on the “Left” are all caught in the electoral campaign and get into fierce arguments about should we support this third party candidate or that third party candidate. This is a sort of little piece of evidence that suggests that when you get into working through electoral politics you begin to corrupt your ideals. So I think a way to behave is to think not in terms of representative government, not in terms of voting, not in terms of electoral politics, but thinking in terms of organizing social movements, organizing in the work place, organizing in the neighbourhood, organizing collectives that can become strong enough to eventually take over – first to become strong enough to resist what has been done to them by authority, and second, later, to become strong enough to actually take over the institutions. –“

     I would say “replace with new structures” rather than “take over the institutions.” We don’t need institutions based on privilege and power funded by greed. Tell ann arky your ideas on trying to change society for the benefit of all.

Read the full article here.   Counter Punch. 

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