The headlines shout at you, “FEAR GRIPS THE MARKETS” what exactly are they talking about? Who’s fear and what are they afraid of? Well it seems to be the fear of all those sweaty palmed greedy little billionaires, they are afraid that their billions will shrink to millions and they are trying to grab their loot and hide it somewhere until it is safe to bring it out and start to screw us again.

         Governments always waffle about how they are trying to help the people but there is nothing like fat cat capitalist parasites squealing, for the government to show its true priorities. Governments have always intervened in the economy, but always on the side of the capitalist, the free market is a neo-liberal myth. This government has made a pledge to eradicate fuel poverty by 2010. In spite of it getting much worse, they tell us that they have done everything that can be reasonably done and since 2000 have spent £20 billion on the project, that is 8 years expenditure. However their capitalist friends shout “CRISIS” and with one throw of the shovel they toss £50 billion of our money at them shouting, “Save the spivs” oops sorry, “Save the bankers, save the bankers”. The £50 billion of course is just the tip of the icing, oops sorry, iceberg. There is another £250 billion of loan guarantees and a further £200 billion to fluff out some other bits of banking petty cash, all our money. We are talking about £500 billion of tax payers money being flung in one mad throw of the dice in the banking charlatans game. We are talking about more than four years money for the entire health service, at approximately £106 billion a year. While we are throwing money around how about the 850 million human beings that are starving, or the 2.6 billion that lack proper sewage, then of course there are the other features of the free market, the 640 million children with inadequate housing or the 800 million people who are illiterate. The system stinks and what we are seeing is its sewage washing over us the ordinary people, who will be expected to pay for all this “bailout” with unemployment, foreclosures, cuts in social services and increase taxes. This is a bail out of the rich by the poor, welfare for the rich.

          Now is not the time to protest asking our masters to try to ease our suffering a little while they play their crooked game. It is not the time to march from A to B with banners asking for more crumbs to allow us to work harder. This is an opportunity to once and for all trash this corrupt and unjust system of greed. We have to organise in an attempt to circumvent the system, to short cut the system, to work outside the system. To organise different types of co-operatives within our communities, and other forms of working class mutual aid schemes, defend those facing foreclosures. Why should we pay for their greed, it would appear that profits are private but losses are socialised. We have to stop playing their game to their rules, the dice is loaded.

          It took the arms build up and the destruction of the second world war to pull the world’s economies out of the last great depression 1929/33, perhaps that’s what they have in mind for us this time round. Only the organising of the ordinary people can stop this

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        Those who are affected, most of us are, by the financial bubble burst, should understand that the very nature of modern banking is fraudulent. All the money made and lost is just a symptom of the real problem. Banks are allowed to lend many times more money than they have on reserve. They literally create money out of nothing. With the help of the central banks, these banks create as much money as they require. Loans go on their books as assets, on which more money is loaned. It is not actual physical reserves that they lend, but money that is printed according to how much money is demanded by loan applications and mortgages. This is why so much money has been lent to people that would never be lent real money. It comes out of thin air, not actual bank reserves. However the interest we pay back or the asset such as our house that could be seized are very real. Central banks are in a win-win situation.
          Some years ago our government relinquished the power to print money and set interest rates to the banks. The government now borrow from these banks and use our tax to pay back the loan and the interest charged by banks. Obviously the government is not in control, the banks are. They rely entirely on central banks for money. They are as hooked as we are as long as they allow banks to control money supply and interest rates. A government that borrows with interest from private banks, when it can create its own interest-free money, is a government of cretins or swindlers, more likely both. Our tax money is profit for the bankers.
         Basically, banks are allowed to lend several times more money than they have on deposit. When you sign a loan agreement for £X, they record this as an asset, the central banks print the money, you then pay the loan back with interest. They never lent you any of their money, they just had some printed by the central banks using your signature as surety. In the meantime, they are allowed to lend out at least ten times what you borrowed to other customers. The entire process is fraudulent, including the contract between you and the bank. They do not make you aware of the reality of the contract, which makes the contract illegal.
           The government gave control of money supply and interest rates to central, privately controlled banks, and borrows money from those banks, using your income tax as the security. A huge amount of our tax is just paying interest to these bankers when the government could control it and issue interest free money to itself instead. Also we should be aware of the fact the since Napoleonic times, banks have loaned money to both sides of most wars, wars are profitable to banks. People such as the ex governor of the Bank Of England, who has a fair insight into the system, have stated that banking is sleight of hand, and that if people understood banking there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. Let’s hope the people come to understand the banking system quickly.

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         The Arctic ice is melting. Perennial sea ice should survive all-year round, but in the Arctic it is vanishing at about 9% each decade. The reason for the melting ice is crystal clear – the Arctic is growing warmer, and far faster than anything we are experiencing in Britain. Of course, the Arctic is so remote it is easy to forget about it, but we need its ice. Both the Arctic and Antarctic are the air conditioners of the world, cooling the atmosphere by bouncing the Sun’s rays off large sheets of ice into space. Without that ice, the Earth could overheat at a ferocious pace. Arctic warming could also change the world’s atmosphere. As Arctic areas warm up, their permanently frozen soils are defrosting. That could release vast amounts of carbon dioxide and methane trapped in the ground sending greenhouse warming into serious overdrive and the climate haywire.

      The capitalist system of chasing perpetual growth in search of ever increasing profit is the best way to add fuel to the problem. We must come together to smash the state/corporate capitalism machine and create a system which tries to work on sustainability combined with social justice.

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This article by the late George Woodcock first appeared in War Commentary – for Anarchism, March 1944.

         ” The clock, as Lewis Mumford has pointed out, represents the key machine of the machine age, both for its influence on technology and its influence on the habits of men. Technically, the clock was the first really automatic machine that attained any importance in the life of men. Previous to its invention, the common machines were of such a nature that their operation depended on some external and unreliable force, such as human or animal muscles, water or wind. It is true that the Greeks had invented a number of primitive automatic machines, but these where used, like Hero’s steam engine, for obtaining ‘supernatural’ effects in the temples or for amusing the tyrants of Levantine cities. But the clock was the first automatic machine that attained a public importance and a social function. Clock-making became the industry from which men learnt the elements of machine making and gained the technical skill that was to produce the complicated machinery of the industrial revolution. 

          Socially the clock had a more radical influence than any other machine, in that it was the means by which the regularisation and regimentation of life necessary for an exploiting system of industry could best be attained. The clock provided the means by which time – a category so elusive that no philosophy has yet determined its nature – could be measured concretely in more tangible forms of space provided by the circumference of a clock dial. Time as duration became disregarded, and men began to talk and think always of ‘lengths’ of time, just as if they were talking of lengths of calico. And time, being now measurable in mathematical symbols, became regarded as a commodity that could be bought and sold in the same way as any other commodity.

           The new capitalists, in particular, became rabidly time-conscious. Time, here symbolising the labour of workers, was regarded by them almost as if it were the chief raw material of industry. ‘Time is money’ became on of the key slogans of capitalist ideology, and the timekeeper was the most significant of the new types of official introduced by the capitalist dispensation.
           Now the movement of the clock sets the tempo men’s lives – they become the servant of the concept of time which they themselves have made, and are held in fear, like Frankenstein by his own monster. In a sane and free society such an arbitrary domination of man’s functions by either clock or machine would obviously be out of the question. The domination of man by the creation of man is even more ridiculous than the domination of man by man. Mechanical time would be relegated to its true function of a means of reference and co-ordination, and men would return again to a balance view of life no longer dominated by the worship of the clock. Complete liberty implies freedom from the tyranny of abstractions as well as from the rule of men.”

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     British, NATO and US forces in Afghanistan are fighting and dying to protect a corrupt puppet government, Put another way, British, NATO and US troops are fighting and dying to protect the opium business of Afghanistan, it is known that at least four of the key players in the opium business in that country are senior members of the Afghanistan government. Also there are certainly many more government officials and government related bodies making a tremendous amount of money from the opium grown in Afghanistan, the world’s largest opium producer. 

       Whatever other reason the West gives for being in Afghanistan, it is certain that the opium trade want them to stay, they certainly don’t want the Taliban back. It should be remembered that up until we invaded Afghanistan the Taliban had wiped out opium production in that country, but strangely and co-incidentally it came back with a rush of success and mega opium-bucks began to change hands immediately after we invaded. As the slaughter of the Afghanistan people and the killing and maiming of British, NATO and US troops proceeds unabated, it’s business as usual for the opium millionaires wheeling and dealing under our protection. How do we come to understand the use of Western tax payers money to subsidise opium millionaires and flood the west with heroin? Only a perverse, corrupt system based on greed for profit, such as capitalism, could spawn such a bizarre and destructive scene.

          What ever guise war is dressed up in, it is always the same, war is the strong arm tactics of the state to back up the corporate world’s rape and plunder of poorer countries. The state and the corporate world live off each other, they are interdependent, they need us. We however don’t need them.

         We can build a new world structured on the needs of all our people and sustainability. A world of federated communities based on mutual aid, free from the corruptive force of profit, free from the greed of the corporate world and its parasitical shareholders. A stateless world of co-operation where borders are lost in the fog of history and differing cultures are seen as a welcome and colourful rich diversity.

         It can be their world of greed, profit, continued rape and plunder of the planet, exploitation, war and poverty, or it can be our world of voluntary co-operation, free association and mutual aid, planned on sustainability. An end to war, poverty and exploitation, a world we would wish for all our children and our grandchildren. However, they will not give it to us, we’ll have to take it.

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Myth Of The Brave Soldier.


     An article written some time ago by Mickey Z but I feel is worth repeating as it is still relevant today.

        In a recent correspondence, Adam Engel wrote: “One of the greatest myths about America is that it’s the ‘home of the brave.’ Once, perhaps, prior to 1492. Now, it’s most likely the greatest collection of cowards in the Milky Way Galaxy.” Engel specifically mentioned our lack of response to losing habeas corpus and to being both “subject to eternal imprisonment for liberating animals from vivisection labs” and “complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Afghanis, South and Central Americans, Haitians etc. etc. etc.”
        He could’ve also included our acquiescence in a frighteningly broad range of areas, e.g. access to health care, tolerance for voting irregularities, directly funding the Israeli war machine, and stomaching the groupthink behind saluting a flag. Americans talk the talk but when ordered to remove their shoes before going through airport security, it’s “yes sir” all the way.
For the purposes of this article I’d like to highlight another area in which American bravery is lacking…an area I have touched on before: supporting the troops. As John Kerry’s recent episode demonstrated, one cannot appear to criticize the men and women in uniform without paying a high price. There are many who identify themselves as “anti-war” who will vigorously defend the troops. Even when faced with documented evidence of criminality, Americans still cannot summon the bravery to condemn the military. The excuse-making typically touches on these two areas:

         1. They were just following orders 2. Those who enlist do so for economic reasons
          The first line of defence flawed argument. Principle I of the Nuremberg Tribunal (1950) states: “Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.” Principle IV adds: “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.” And please don’t get me started on the Geneva Conventions.
        As for excuse 2, a recent New York Times editorial put that myth to rest. Authors Tim Kane and Mackenzie Eaglen “analysed demographic data on every single enlistee, not just a sample, and found that in terms of education, last year’s recruits were just as qualified as those of any recent year, and maybe the best ever. Over all, wartime recruits since 1999 are in many respects comparable to the youth population on the whole, except that they are on average a bit wealthier, much more likely to have graduated from high school and more rural than their civilian peers.” They also found that youths “from wealthy American ZIP codes are volunteering in ever higher numbers” while “enlistees from the poorest fifth of American neighbourhoods fell nearly a full percentage point over the last two years, to 13.7 percent. In 1999, that number was exactly 18 percent.”
           Are some of the American soldiers in Iraq there primarily for economic reasons? Sure. Did others sign up for a chance to shoot some towel heads? Probably. So, after factoring out these two relatively small groups and rejecting the immoral “only following orders” defence, the question remains: Exactly how are the men and women fighting in Iraq immune from any and all blame?

Mickey Z can be found HERE. 

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   credit to the cartoonist whose name I seem to have lost.

      To the faithful, God seems to be whatever they want Him to be. Of course the problem is when they insist we must want Him, and we must want Him to be whatever they want Him to be. Then there is their claim that their God is love, peace, compassion and understanding, yet if we look at most of the violent troubles in the world we find that they split down religious lines. Where did all that love, peace, compassion and understanding go?

        Within the Christian faith, interpretation of the Bible, (God’s sacred words) seems somewhat arbitrary. Women can be ordained, women can’t be ordained, Priests must be celibate, Priests needn’t be celibate. Some Bishops can find Biblical support for their belief that homosexuality is abhorrent and a sin. While other Bishops find support for their belief that same-sex love is a gift from God. However most have abandoned the Bible’s recommendation that neighbours who work on the Sabbath should be put to death. (Exodus xxxv – 2). Why are they selective, on whose authority do they uphold one recommendation yet abandon another?

       Perhaps the Bishops could clarify this position. Since they have all arrived at their conflicting beliefs through the same sacred words of God, what are the criteria for interpretation of the sacred words of God, for spotting the Holy Spirit in action, recognising sin and recognising gifts from God. Or are their ways of reaching their conflicting conclusions as mysterious as God’s?

         As rational human beings why do we need an infallible higher authority, shouldn’t we take responsibility for our own rules and actions? This would mean we are responsible for what we do and can’t hide under the banner of “doing God’s work” or “carrying out God’s words” With so many religions to choose from and each with its own infallible being at the top it is simply a case of our infallible being is more infallible than your infallible being. What is more the faithful are quite prepared to kill to prove this absurdity. Isn’t it time we stood up and said, “No Gods, no Masters and therefore no slaves.”

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       May Day, Labour Day, Workers Day, our day, a day when we the ordinary people of the world can celebrate the heroes from our ranks. Paying homage to the men and women who dedicated their lives to the cause of working class emancipation. People who sought nothing for themselves, many dying for their beliefs, individuals that sometimes stood like colossuses astride the political scene, others that worked tirelessly in the shadows, all for the greater good of all peoples, not more for themselves. Their statues, their plaques are no where to be seen, the establishment has them airbrushed out of history. Instead, the powers that be litter our public squares and parks with grandiose statues of arrogant warmongers, empire builders, kings of industry, rich merchants, all who made a fortune on the back of slave and/or cheap labour or the bloodshed of ordinary people. The establishment wants us to forget our heroes, no statues, no plaques, we mustn’t be allowed to think that fighting for the betterment of ordinary people is a worth while cause, much better to try to convince us that it is more honourable to be a self-centred arrogant pursuer of power and wealth at the expense of others. We mustn’t let this happen, we have to keep alive the names and deeds of that legion of men and women who dedicated their lives to our future well being and that of our kids.

         MAY 1st. Must always be a festive day, a day of celebration and pride, a day when we can all come together and wave our banners, party, and remember those names and deeds. A day to revive that spirit of co-operation in struggle and hopefully push our cause to a higher plain. Always on May 1st. not some conveniently arranged employer/union date, the nearest Sunday or Monday holiday, so as not to upset their production. It is our day, always claim it as a day of family fun, festivities and remembrance, a day of hope for the future of all the ordinary peoples of the world. Glasgow, like most cities, is fortunate in having its own legion of working class fighters, a legion that stretches back through the industrial age and beyond. To pick a few at random, names like Thomas Muir, George Barrett, Tom Anderson, John MacLean, Helen Crawfurd, Guy Aldred, Ethel MacDonald, Jenny Patrick, William McDougal — and the names go on and on and on, events such as, The Cotton Spinners strike, the rent strikes, the first world war peace movement, etc, etc, etc. All names and events to be justly proud of but difficult to find recorded, all the more need to celebrate MAY DAY and keep alive that part of our history, our culture.

         Take to the streets this MAY DAY, bring the family, bring colour, bring music, bring the spirit of the working class, have fun, remember why we are there, be proud and strengthen your resolve to do more to push the cause of co-operation in struggle with all our people. Keep alive the names and deeds of our past, not those of a corrupt, brutal, exploitative system. Keep alive the dream of a society of free association, voluntary co-operation, and mutual aid, a system of seeing to needs and not to the greed of the few.

More on Glasgow’s working class history HERE.

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         A number of years ago the public in the West were overcome with revulsion when reading Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. The could not come to terms at the hideous cruelty inflicted on the Soviet state’s prisoners. Deliberate cold blooded cruelty, part of a carefully calculated instrument of state policy. Of course it was all done in the name of national security, a policy that was said to protect the nation against enemies of the state, terrorist, traitors etc.

              Roll the film forward and we have the Western Gulag Archipelago. State policy of extraordinary rendition, torture on somebody else’s soil, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and our own Belmarsh Prison. The policy and the actions are the same as the Soviet era, cruel vicious degrading treatment all in the name of state security. The problem is not merely the system, Soviet or Western capitalism, though both were/are morally corrupt despotic edifices, there will always be an inherent problem with the state apparatus. The state will always put the liberty and life of the individual at a low priority as it seeks to strengthen and expand its power.

          There was outrage at Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, where is the outrage at the Western Gulag Archipelago?

          Though it is obvious to any clear thinking compassionate person that capitalism must go, that in its self is not enough, the state apparatus must be dismantled and replaced with a community based system federated to other like communities if we wish to see an end to the Gulag Archipelago and its resultant miseries.

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It is just a man made system, not tablets of stone.


         There is an inherent flaw in the capitalist system. The bosses want the workers to work as hard as possible, for as long as possible, for as little as possible. The workers want a decent standard of living and a reasonable amount of leisure time with opportunities. The workers desires are in direct conflict with the bosses desire of ever greater profit.

          If the workers’ needs are to be fully met we must get rid of the bosses. No easy matter considering the bosses are well organised both on a world wide and a national basis from the IMF, the World Bank, the G8 etc. At the national level there is the state and with the state comes the force of the military, the police, the judicial system set up to punish those who would dare to try to break the mould.

          We live in a world where the 225 richest people have a combined wealth of the world’s 2.5 billion poorest people. The state is there to protect the interests of this minority, it will be done by persuasion, if this fails then force will be used without limit or compassion.

         Persuasion starts in education (state propaganda). History is not neutral, what we learn in school is the necessity of government, our own government’s benevolence as opposed to others. The greatness and wonderful moral uprightness of our leaders, (deemed to be necessary) and the wonderful benefits of capitalism. The worlds poverty is never linked to the capitalist system.

           What we do not learn is that many times, it has been shown that government is not necessary, People are not inherently bad. Given the right conditions a spirit of mutual aid and co-operation can and does grow.

         Laws are made not to protect us but to protect those who own the property.

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        There are still those who believe that by writing letters and donating time and money to candidates and political parties they can effect genuine change within a country. They seem to hold the view that change must come from above, therefore we must petition the leaders, and once they realise the validity of our view, they will graciously make the changes. There is no evidence what so ever to support this view. The need is to resign from the debating society, stop expecting party political donations to change the world. There are too many longwinded responses to the right wing rhetoric, responses that only solicit more rhetoric.

        Mass organising outside the party political system, people on the streets, that’s what brings about genuine change. Our history tells us this story if only we would read it. The Glasgow rent strikes of 1915-26, women’s suffrage, the labour battles of the 20s & 30s, the American civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam war protests, the Upper Clyde Shipyard work-in, the British anti-poll tax protests and there are many, many more. All these movements were successful because of the people on the streets, people taking direct action. All these movements were at first opposed by the major sections of the party political system. The social changes these movements created didn’t happen because people politely and meekly waited for the major parties to respond, they happened because the people ignored the party political system and forced the implementation of their demands.

          The government is there not to listen to the people, but to defend the system that keeps the wealth and power in the hands of the corporate greed machine. It will always do its best to defend its class, and if that means a series of unending oil wars, the death of thousands and the destruction of a country or two, then so be it.

         The ordinary people cannot rely on such a system, if we wish a better world for all, then we will have to do it ourselves.


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           Ask different people and you’ll get different answers, most will be of a negative nature, a media style stereotype. As far as I’m concerned, one thing anarchism is about is pleasure, about enjoying life, not about suffering. It is about removing suffering where and whenever we can, it is about being your real self and helping others to do likewise.

           So why don’t you have a try? Go out and do something creative, make your own free handout, start painting, write a poem, play an impromptu gig, build an art work in your garden, take the day of work and take the kids to the park. You should be the instigator, the creator, it doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure it is your thing and you do it your own way.

        We all have something to say, and what you have to say is just as important as what anybody else has to say, though the system will tell you different. If you do break out of the conformity straightjacket, you won’t be alone, on the periphery of mainstream culture, away from the empty fashion of everyday life, outside the national galleries, free from the blandness of our modern cities there is an army of people being creative, being themselves, join them.

        You know you have something to say, so get out there and say it in what ever fashion takes your fancy, just be creative, creativity is about expressing yourself, standing up and saying, “This is me.” Thinking for yourself and being your own person, even for a short while, is infectious, so go out and start an epidemic.

         To start to be creative forget all that you have been told and learnt, turn your back on the stifling, shallow life of consumerism. Imagine not how things are but how you want them to be. A new world is possible, but it starts with you, you have to want it enough. Imagine your utopia and start walking towards the vision.

            You could get involved in some of the current protest groups and campaigns in your area, you could start your own, that could be the first step to your new world. Tell ann arky what your idea of anarchism is??







        One of the features of this system of corporate capitalism is that it can only survive by maintaining isolation between the various groups involved in the various processes of the system. At the developed world consumer end of the process the illusion is woven that the product is a must have, value for money, ethical and sustainable. While in most cases at the gathering of materials and production process the conditions are nothing short of slave labour, involve massive destruction of the planet and widespread pollution. The illusion woven for the benefit of those at the bottom end of the system is that they can work their way out of their miserable conditions and then enjoy the lavish fruits it produces.

      However we should know that if that was the case and all that cheap slave labour disappeared there would be no cheap products for the better off to enjoy. So the system needs its poverty strata to produce and its better off strata to consume so that the little bunch of parasites at the top of the stinking system can live in the lap of unearned luxury, while the rest of the people and the planet can go to hell in a wheelbarrow.

MICKEY Z sums it up rather well.

        in the most remote regions of Brazil, slave labour is employed to cut down grand swaths of the precious rain forest to make room to grow eucalyptus which is then burned by male slaves (who exploit the body, mind, and spirit of female slaves forced into prostitution) to make charcoal for the steel mills of Brazil where the poorest of the poor toil for wages that do not sustain them so that steel can be shipped to a general motors plant in Mexico (gm is now the second largest employer, behind Wal-mart, south of the border) where the poorest of the poor endure maquiladora conditions so these automobile parts can then be shipped to a gm plant in the U.S. (roughly 50 percent of what is termed “trade” consists of business transactions between branches of the same transnational corporation) where even the poorest of the poor proudly take on imposing debt to possess a car “made in the U.S.A.” so they can clog the highways that were paved over inestimable eco-systems, filling the air with noxious pollution as they make their way to the drive-through window of an anti-union fast food restaurant that purchased the beef of slaughtered cattle that once grazed on land cleared by male slaves who exploit the body, mind, and spirit of female slaves in the most remote regions of Brazil.”


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         It is now beyond any reasonable doubt that climate change is happening, it is happening now and it is happening with an ever increasing pace. What is also certain, is that it is driven by human activity. The state and the corporate world’s answer to this problem is to put the responsibility onto the ordinary working class individual. Telling them to unplug the tele, only boil enough water for that wee cup of tea, turn your heating down 1 degree and recycle everything. Meanwhile the rich parasite class jet off to Dubai in their private jet or some business class only super jet, to go snow-boarding on real snow in the desert in temperatures of 104 degrees or more, while booked into the underwater hotel.

        It is obviously the rich parasite class, and that means all the rich, that consumes by far the most with their lavish lifestyle, SUVs, private jets, business class only flights and their several homes dotted around the world which they jet off to at regular intervals. It is the ordinary working class people that have to carry them on their backs and pay for the parasites’ crime of greed. This bunch of rich parasites leave a carbon footprint that makes the rest of us look like frugal eighteenth century peasants by comparison.

         Let us make no mistake, the climate change matter is a class matter, it is important to realise that it is the rich parasite class that consumes the most and is therefore responsible for most of the damage but it is the vast majority of the world’s population that pays the price and will continue to do so as long as the class system exists.

        No matter what policies and/or restrictions the state introduce it is the ordinary people that will pay in quality of life while the rich parasites go on with their wasteful lavish lifestyles and continue to rip off both us and the planet. Climate change can only be tackled by tackling the state system and corporate capitalism and the inherent greed and hierarchical structure that they contain. As long as profit is the motive and each of the greedy corporate beasts compete with each other to fatten their particular group of greedy shareholders, then climate change will race on to our mutual destruction. We have to slay the two headed beast, state/corporate capitalism, we have to consign it to the dustbin of history and replace it with a system of seeing to the needs of all our people based on mutual aid, co-operation and sustainability.

           You can continue to recycle your milk carton and pull all the plugs out when going to bed while watching the rich take the world down the tubes or you can start to organise against this system of feeding a bunch of greedy planet destroying parasites.

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  All that matters in this society.

        It is difficult to grasp the state of the world that we have created. A world where there is an abundance of almost everything conceivable and yet to the vast majority of the world’s population it is all out of reach. A world where a small elite live a life of obscene and wasteful wealth while millions die of starvation and millions of children die from the lack of clean drinking water. In this capitalist made world there are small enclaves where the rich, in safety, play games with their expensive toys, private jets, luxury cars, yachts and several holiday homes in “exotic” locations. While just over that financial apartheid wall there is the stench of squalor and death for countless millions living in total deprivation and endless wars,

        In this capitalist created world, 8 million people die every year from poverty, One billion children live in abject poverty, 640 million do not have access to appropriate shelter, 140 million have never attended school, 400 million do not have access to clean uncontaminated water, 500 million do not have basic sanitation, 270 million have no access to health care, and 90 million are severely food deprived. Approximately 12.3 million people worldwide live in conditions of “modern slavery,”while over one billion people live on less than one dollar of income per day and over three billion live on less than two dollars per day. Then there is the strata in between that manage to scrape a reasonable existence that seems to keep them from revolt.

        All this misery in spite of the fact that the world economy actually produces one and a half times the amount of food necessary to provide the entire human population with adequate and nutritious meals. The fact that the capitalist system will not allow this to be shared out to those in need tells us that it is not a natural problem but a political problem. Perhaps the words of Derrick Jensen come close to capturing something of that world.

            “We are members of the most destructive culture ever to exist. Our assault on the natural world, on indigenous and other cultures, on women, on children, on all of us through the possibility of nuclear suicide and other means—all these are unprecedented in their magnitude and ferocity … What this means is that corporations and those who run them cannot stop exploiting resources and amassing wealth until they have…I cannot finish this sentence, because the truth is that they can never stop; like cancer, they can only continue to expand until they kill the host … For us to maintain our way of living, we must tell lies to each other and especially to ourselves. The lies are necessary because, without them, many deplorable acts would become impossibilities.”

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