See the fat cat’s grinning smile

as Corporate Capitalism runs amok, 

Chasing profit as it goes 

firing millions of ordinary folk. 

Raping and polluting land after land, 

starting bloody wars. 

Toxic waste, sweat shop wages 

and oil covered sea shores. 

Where have all the flowers gone 

beneath this ozone free sky? 

To join the birds, to join the fox 

on yonder plutonium field to die. 

Mercury fish, strontium lamb 

trees that never show a leaf, 

radio active beaches, toxic streams 

good lean BSE-antibiotic beef. 

In a world of epidemic, plague and famine 

it’s bottled water and chemical food. 

Of course, it’s all tested on rats and mice 

so you know its got to be good. 

Beneath a sky that’s always black, 

hurricane winds and endless drought, 

its oxygen masks for the toxic air, 

corporate profit’s what its all about.

       Of course it doesn’t need to be like that, we have a choice. We can continue to let the corporate world run amok, polluting and plundering to further enrich the parasite millionaire shareholders or we can say, enough is enough and put an end to this insanity they call capitalism.

        A fairer sustainable world is possible but only if we take control of our own lives and organise society to see to the needs of all our people. Destroy this system that has become the destroyer of the planet. and create a society based on mutual aid and sustainability freed from the greed driven profit motive.

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       Well we are entering the era of the millionaires’ picnic. All those sweaty handed greedy parasitical millionaires are jumping around with glee. They now have 23 of their millionaire pals in charge of the country who are handing out lots of goodies to the millionaires’ club. Under the guise of necessary cuts they are slashing the budgets of all social services, which in turn will make them unmanageable and lo-and-behold, the private sector will rush in to provide those services at a huge profit to them of course. You can expect such things as refuse collection, water supply etc. to be done by the private sector and no doubt you will be metered and charged according to the amount of refuse you deposit and the amount of water used. The price will be controlled by a bunch of shareholders seeking ever more and easier cash while doing nothing but looking at their bank balance. Under such a scheme I can see rubbish being dumped here there and everywhere as the people try to keep their costs down so that they can feed themselves. Oh, and don’t have too many kids, you can’t afford to keep them clean, bath nights will be a thing of the past, you’ll need that water to flush the loo.

      Now Scottish National Trust, a body that is supposed to hold some of the nations greatest treasure in trust for the people, has hinted that it may have to sell some of its treasures to make ends meet. Yep, it’s the millionaires’ picnic, they will be able to pick up a treasure or two at bargain basement prices, all because of the “economic climate” created by some of their other millionaire friends. They know how to work together, isn’t time we did the same?

         As the millionaires’ picnic gets into full swing you can expect to see all public assets being transferred to the millionaire parasites, who will be sitting back thinking that it is now Christmas all the year round. Unless we smash this roller-coaster run of millionaires greed we will live in a society where there are no public spaces, no public assets, everything will be owned and controlled by the millionaires of the corporate world. You will have to have lots of money to get the simplest of living standards, and if you fall below that level your only hope will be to appeal for charity.

         We have the ability, the imagination, the resources and the right, to build a society based on the needs of all our people, a fair and just society created on the foundations of mutual aid and sustainability. This present system of winner takes all and to hell with the hindmost is not laid in tablets of stone from some higher authority, it is a relatively new man made corrupt and exploitive system. We built everything on this planet, we can destroy the mistakes of the past and in place of the greedy profit driven system, we can create a world we would want to leave to our children and our grand children. The only thing that can stop us is our own fear and the lack of will.

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             On 29 June 2010, I posted the idea that nothing less than an indefinite Pan-European general strike would be needed to change the shape of society for ever. To free ourselves from the grip of corporate greed and build a society based on mutual aid in a sustainable fashion we have to take control of all those corporate institutions. In a word, occupy, transforming them into institutions that are truly democratic, sustainable and run for the benefit of all in our communities, working in federation with each other.

           There is no point to forming a mass organisation to ask our “Lords and Masters” (the parasites) to please give us back some of our pensions and please don’t decimate our health service and could we please have a half decent education system, but leave the greed mongers and millionaire parasites in charge. We created all the wealth on the planet, we own it by our forefathers sweat and blood and by our own efforts. They on the other hand have contributed nothing but control it all. The present economic climate may be our last chance to grasp control and change society for ever. Every ordinary person will feel the effects of the millionaires “austerity cuts”, ever ordinary person has to realise that there is a better way to organise our society without feeding the plundering parasites of the corporate world. We have nothing to lose, they are attempting to take every public asset into private hands and completely out of your control. Social services will be private business, you pay or you do without or rely on charities. This system of leaders, presidents and corporate greed has given us nothing but wars, poverty and deprivation, we can surely manage our lives much better than that.

         Organising to take control of our communities and our workplaces is the only hope left for the ordinary people to create a decent life for themselves and their children. As long as we accept the present system of plundering and exploitation of the many by the few, then we are on an ever accelerating downward spiral to ever greater deprivation.

          The UK Trades Unions have called for a co-ordinated defence of our conditions, the members should be calling not just for UK co-ordinated action but for that Pan-European general strike, not to protect our conditions but to create that better society which is run for the benefit of all. A truly free and democratic society based on free association, voluntary co-operation, mutual aid and sustainability. To hell with the misery of being exploited to hand greedy shareholders a life of unearned luxury, to hell with Chief Executives firing thousands of workers and walking away with millions of pounds for their efforts. The 29th September is growing ever nearer???

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         We no longer have a political party system, it is a corporate state. No matter what party you elect and no matter the different and wonderful manifesto promises, after the election it is just as before with perhaps a little plus or minus this way or that. The smile on the face of the new messiah may look more radiant than the last, but the price of bread still goes up. The few over privileged parasites that have control of all the institutions in our society have bought the political parties and are in bed with the military. Big business is all, and war is big business, so we will have war, bloating the coffers of the corporate greed machine until they bleed us all dry. To the corporate world people are dispensable, profit is the name of the game.

          Turning to this or that political party creates the myth of democracy and the results prove that it is no more than a myth, an illusion spun by the media, another institution, which is hardly likely to speak against its master and owner corporate world.

             If we want a better world where we see to the needs of all our people then we have to break the hold of that corporate beast. Communities have to take control of all those institutions and run them in federation with each other based on sustainability. We have to eliminate the profit motive from all we do, and create for the benefit of all, mutual aid being the key. No matter how you try to shape capitalism, no matter how green you think you can make it, it is unsustainable and will never work for the benefit of all, it is an elitist and exploitive system that works for the privileged few parasites who own those corporations.

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Why should I turn up for a pittance of £300 a day?


        The House of Lords, that £19 million a year symbol of unbridled parasitical privilege, a place that we are told is filled with “Their Lordships” whose only duty is to safeguard our so called democracy. Yet again we find, like the “Honourable Members” of that “other place” that they are no more than petty minded little greedy expense fiddlers. It seems that over 100 of them were claiming £100 a night expenses for living overnight in London while they had their own property in the city. Well I suppose it helps with the champagne bills, one has to have standards.

          Now in an attempt to make them squeaky clean they are to be paid a meagre £300 a day attendance money plus travel expenses. Of course for the really busy little Lordships there is a pop in allowance of £150 for part of the day, plus travel expenses.

          Think on this as you see your benefits cut and your child’s education being decimated. Cast a little reflection on the poor Lordships as your incapacity benefit is stopped or your job disappears. Think of their £300 a day plus expenses as your job seekers allowance is stopped if you refuse to take some crap job for an even crappier wage. Perhaps you could ask your boss for travelling expense just for turning up. Why do we accept such inequalities and such injustices? Remember we are paying for all this and we are the ones being forced to take all the pain. We don’t need a coalition or a new prime minister, we don’t need a change of party and we don’t need to carry this bunch of privileged parasites on our backs. What we do need is a change in the structure of society, we need a society freed from the greed of the millionaire parasites who see profit as the only game in town. We need a society based on the needs of all those who take part in that society, a society based on mutual aid, a society based on communities controlled by those in the community, working in co-operation with all other communities, a federated society of equals, based on sustainability.

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         It is now beyond any reasonable doubt that climate change is happening, it is happening now and it is happening with an ever increasing pace. What is also certain, is that it is driven by human activity. The state and the corporate world’s answer to this problem is to put the responsibility onto the ordinary working class individual. Telling them to unplug the tele, only boil enough water for that wee cup of tea, turn your heating down 1 degree and recycle everything. Meanwhile the rich parasite class jet off to Dubai in their private jet or some business class only super jet, to go snow-boarding on real snow in the desert in temperatures of 104 degrees or more, while booked into the underwater hotel.

        It is obviously the rich parasite class, and that means all the rich, that consumes by far the most with their lavish lifestyle, SUVs, private jets, business class only flights and their several homes dotted around the world which they jet off to at regular intervals. It is the ordinary working class people that have to carry them on their backs and pay for the parasites’ crime of greed. This bunch of rich parasites leave a carbon footprint that makes the rest of us look like frugal eighteenth century peasants by comparison.

         Let us make no mistake, the climate change matter is a class matter, it is important to realise that it is the rich parasite class that consumes the most and is therefore responsible for most of the damage but it is the vast majority of the world’s population that pays the price and will continue to do so as long as the class system exists.

        No matter what policies and/or restrictions the state introduce it is the ordinary people that will pay in quality of life while the rich parasites go on with their wasteful lavish lifestyles and continue to rip off both us and the planet. Climate change can only be tackled by tackling the state system and corporate capitalism and the inherent greed and hierarchical structure that they contain. As long as profit is the motive and each of the greedy corporate beasts compete with each other to fatten their particular group of greedy shareholders, then climate change will race on to our mutual destruction. We have to slay the two headed beast, state/corporate capitalism, we have to consign it to the dustbin of history and replace it with a system of seeing to the needs of all our people based on mutual aid, co-operation and sustainability.

           You can continue to recycle your milk carton and pull all the plugs out when going to bed while watching the rich take the world down the tubes or you can start to organise against this system of feeding a bunch of greedy planet destroying parasites.

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        Green issues are frequently spouted on TV, radio and the press with lots of business hotshots and pompous politicians commenting on this solution and that solution, of course never mentioning that it is the corporate greed machine and its ever increasing quest for profit that is the prime cause of our environmental problems. However the truth is, not until there is a sustained and successful challenge to the short term interests of this planet-trashing corporate greed machine and its replacement by a sane and sustainable system of seeing to needs rather than greed, will any of the solutions make an impact.

        The economic structures of society have to be changed before environmental issues can be seriously dealt with and resolved. As long as the primary economic structure is the greed driven corporate profit motive, blessed and implemented by the usual corrupt state power, any attempt at resolving environmental problems will be ineffective. The present economic system is plundering and raping the planet for profit and is taking us and our descendants down a road to environmental disaster. To ask the corporate world to be more caring and compassionate and think of the long term interests of us all , is rather naive to say the least. They have to compete with each other or die and will always work to maximise their profits come what may, or their shareholders will leave in droves.

       The corporate world is just one big greedy machine, avaricious and insatiable, inherent within the corporate greed machine is a ruling class that puts its interests before the interests of society as a whole. It is obvious that this is in direct conflict and contrary to the long-term planet-wide solutions required to reverse global warming. This short term self interest of the corporate greed machine must not be allowed to override the interests of the world’s population. We cannot allow the short term interests of the pampered privileged parasitical shareholders to govern our world, all our futures are at stake. Only when we have eradicated this short-term self interest of the corporate greed machine, abandoned parasitical shareholders to the dustbin of history, can we hope to reverse the environmental disaster we are facing. The future of our children and grandchildren depend on us carrying out this necessary restructuring of society. The more you examine today’s environmental problems the more obvious it becomes that to be green, you have to be red.


        “The main object of a revolution is the liberation of man —- not the interpretation and application of some transcendental ideology.”


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