As the world suffers more from natural disasters and the devastating results of wars, along with the ravages of poverty created by corporate capitalist greed, we need to allow people freedom of movement as they try to survive these horrors. No one can be illegal, borders can’t be a death sentence, we are one. 

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Don’t jis stawn therr, dae sumthin’!!


G2 7AB

Followed at 3pm by:
Group organising meeting including a go round of problems with benefits,
services etc, other ways of promoting the public meeting and discouraging
medical professionals from working for ATOS.

The Free Hetherington
The Glasgow University Occupation
13 University Gardens
Just off University Avenue,
Glasgow University Campus

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        “Patriotism … is a superstition artificially created and maintained through a network of lies and falsehoods; a superstition that robs man of his self-respect and dignity, and increases his arrogance and conceit.”
Emma Goldman.


    “So many able writers have shown that the unjust institutions which work so much misery and suffering to the masses have their root in governments, and owe their whole existence to the power derived from government—. ” Lucy Parsons

    “People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take. ”  Emma Goldman.


    “It is not by changing ministers – such guilty men! – or issuing declarations that fascism will be conquered. The problem is more complex than that. We do not intend to add our voice to those who delude the workers that their ‘leaders’ will get them out of the mess. The problems need a complete transformation in the present attitude of the working class.”  Marie Louise Berneri From; War Commentary, December 1940.

    Women need not always keep their mouths shut and their wombs open. Emma Goldman.

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Roma in Europe

  Roma family in Italy.


Read Amnesty International’s  page on the plight of the Roma in Europe and help to see that they are given, at least, the same human rights as the rest of us.   

    The Roma are one of Europe’s oldest and largest ethnic minorities, with an estimated 10 to 12 million Romani people living within the countries of the Council of Europe.

Existing predominantly on the margins of society, Roma are among the most deprived communities in Europe. They suffer massive discrimination and are denied their rights to housing, employment, health care and education. Roma communities are often subject to forced evictions, racist attacks and police ill-treatment.

Amnesty’s work on the rights of Roma forms part of our global Demand Dignity campaign, focussing on the human rights abuses that are a cause and a consequence of poverty.

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        The TUC is talking about an attack on this “demolition government” and stating that there will be poll tax type anger on the streets when these “austerity cuts” start to bite. If the TUC is hoping that the general public will back them to get things back to pre election terms then I hope they are disappointed. I would hope that the people will see this for what it is, it is not about cuts, it is about transferring all public assets to the private sector. It is the complete corporatisation of all of our entire society. It is certainly a demolition job on anything that is publicly owned, it is the fulfilment of the corporate mantra, business and profit must triumph over welfare.

       This is an attack on public libraries, schools, health centres, museums, art galleries, public parks, welfare services, universities, it is the restructuring society where the public own nothing and have to buy everything from the corporate world. You will have no control over the shape of our society, that will be determined by the profit motive of the boardrooms around the world.

       If the general public organise and take to the streets in anger, and I hope they do, it should be to change the shape of our society for once and for all. Let’s not fool ourselves, that is what the millionaire cabal in the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption are intent on doing. The difference is that they want to change it in favour of the millionaire’s club, we must change it in favour of all our people and to hell with the pampered parasite millionaires. We can manage our affairs with justice and and fairness and see to the needs of all our people if we have the courage to dump the millionaires and their greed driven desire for ever more profit. Capitalism is a man made system, we can dismantle it and build a society based on mutual aid and sustainability.

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         Here in the West we like to think that we have got rid of slavery. However, right here in our very own “Fortress Europe” we have our pockets of slavery, excluding the millions of wage slaves. It is hard to believe that with the mountain of bureaucratic legislation covering all aspects of our lives here in Europe, that we can have factory workers not being paid and then being sacked for asking when they are likely to be paid.

Lifted from the Polish site :

       Workers from ZEFAM furniture factory in Nowe Miasteczko in the west of Poland were given disciplinary dismissals because they asked when the would get paid.

          ZEFAM stands for Zielona Gora Furniture Factory. Workers there had not received salaries for months. Some had not been paid for four months and nobody was receiving overtime payments. On August 19, the workers asked about this. The manager went to consult with the director of the firm, Marek Cierpka. Then he told the workers to “go home”. They didn’t want to, but the manager shut down the production hall. After some time of not knowing what to do, the workers went home.

         The next day, the manager was waiting for them at the gates of the factory with disciplinary dismissals. Most people refused to take them, but they were sent by post to 27 workers. In the dismissals it was written that they were being dismissed for leaving their work place without permission or justification.  The boss claimed that the workers held a wildcat strike.

         The next day, the boss proposed that people return to work, but with new contracts, for “trial periods”. Some people were so desperate that they agreed to this, but 11 people refused. Six of them are prevented by security from going near the factory.

          But even the ones who “agreed” to the new conditions are not factory. The Mayor of Nowe Miasteczko “mediated” but convinced them to agree to the bad deal. It was agreed that if the workers have no problems or “strikes’ over the next two months of the “trial period”, then the Director will annul the disciplinary dismissal.

         In Poland, all records of work are kept in your “work book”. If you were fired, it stays on your record and basically creates a problem for you for years, if not the rest of your life.

           The workers at ZEFAM were totally fucked. The majority of them are older, many in their 50s and 60s. Many have worked in the factory 30 or 40 years with no problem. And now they are told they should be on a trial period! If they give their work books, the bosses will write that they were fired. If they don’t give their work books to be signed, they will have no proof of the work they have done for decades!  It is important to point out that these people live in a high unemployment area.

         The Mayor of Nowe Miasteczko is actually aiding the director, Mr. Cierpka, in committing a crime. Unfair dismissal is not a crime in Poland, but if he is not paying, the company should go into bankruptcy, its assets liquidated and the workers paid from this. But the case is more likely that the company just wanted to find some pretext to get rid of old staff and hope that the workers will not be able to fight back.

          We hope that this assessment of the workers will prove wrong and we support the 11 who refused! Hopefully the next wildcat strike will be a real one!

Protests can be sent to:

Prezes Zarządu
Marek Cierpka
Zielonogórskie Fabryki Mebli S.A.
ul. Głogowska 18
67-124 Nowe Miasteczko
Tel. (+48 68) 325 46 31
Fax (+ 48 68) 388 89 64

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   A little bit behind but only received this the other day in the form of a leaflet and thought it deserves support, after all who will be next in their attempt to silence the opposition to their slash and burn policies? Trying to push one group out here and another out there is their way of trying to silence the public and frustrate any attempt at the ordinary people organising themselves against the millionaires’ club.

Govanhill Police Attack the Right to Organise.

        On Tuesday (13/07.2010) Fight Racism-Fight Imperialism set out to hold one of its weekly stalls outside Lidl Victoria Road. Within 15 minutes of setting up we were approached by two police officers; Pc. Ishaque (badge number- G282) and Pc. Willie Neil (badge number-G480)  who have tried to shut down our own and other activists stalls before but failed. Two FR/FI activists  were charged with selling a newspaper without a permit ( which the human rights act 1998 allows us to do) and were also charged with obstruction. Our table and 13 FR/FI newspapers were seized!

Defend Democratic Rights! No to Political Policing!

        FR/FI will not be intimidated off the streets and will defend the rights of ourselves and others to oppose the wars, spending cuts and blatant corruption (e.g. Steven Purcell) of Britain’s rulling-classes. I the period before the full crunch of the spending cuts is felt; lower the already miserable living standards of Glasgow’s poor; police should be shown that they cannot attack our democratic rights without promting a fightback. Let the people of Govanhill decide who should be allowed to sell their newspapers, not a few coppers hiding behind their badges!

What You can Do?

Send e-mails of complaint to – 

or phone 0141 532 5312 demanding our table and newspapers be returned and that all charges be dropped.

Support our right to sell newspapers! No to censorship!

L:eave your details for upcoming meetings and events or contact us at

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