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Why should I turn up for a pittance of £300 a day?


        The House of Lords, that £19 million a year symbol of unbridled parasitical privilege, a place that we are told is filled with “Their Lordships” whose only duty is to safeguard our so called democracy. Yet again we find, like the “Honourable Members” of that “other place” that they are no more than petty minded little greedy expense fiddlers. It seems that over 100 of them were claiming £100 a night expenses for living overnight in London while they had their own property in the city. Well I suppose it helps with the champagne bills, one has to have standards.

          Now in an attempt to make them squeaky clean they are to be paid a meagre £300 a day attendance money plus travel expenses. Of course for the really busy little Lordships there is a pop in allowance of £150 for part of the day, plus travel expenses.

          Think on this as you see your benefits cut and your child’s education being decimated. Cast a little reflection on the poor Lordships as your incapacity benefit is stopped or your job disappears. Think of their £300 a day plus expenses as your job seekers allowance is stopped if you refuse to take some crap job for an even crappier wage. Perhaps you could ask your boss for travelling expense just for turning up. Why do we accept such inequalities and such injustices? Remember we are paying for all this and we are the ones being forced to take all the pain. We don’t need a coalition or a new prime minister, we don’t need a change of party and we don’t need to carry this bunch of privileged parasites on our backs. What we do need is a change in the structure of society, we need a society freed from the greed of the millionaire parasites who see profit as the only game in town. We need a society based on the needs of all those who take part in that society, a society based on mutual aid, a society based on communities controlled by those in the community, working in co-operation with all other communities, a federated society of equals, based on sustainability.

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I thought the 80’s were wonderful.


         Ah, those glorious eighties!! A period between 1979 and 1994, when it was claimed that average earnings rose by 40%, of course this gives a very distorted figure. If we look at the richest 10% of the population the growth in income was approximately 68%. On the other hand if we look at the poorest 10% their incomes grow by a mere 10% before housing costs and actually fell by 8% after housing costs. What a wonderful time to be among the richest 10%.

           Under capitalist labour/conservative governments this country has always had more than its fair share of poverty. The last thirty years the poverty has been considerable and what this means to the lives of all those affected by this poverty is immeasurable. It leads of course to poor maternal nutrition, risking unhealthy babies, we have the young unable to afford a healthy diet, with housing and jobs out of their reach, pensioners dying of hypothermia. Then there is the poverty related ill health pushing the national health service to breaking point. Let’s not forget poverty related crime and the effects it has on peoples’  lives.

           All this adds up to billions more than it would cost to implement a decent living wage for all, but this is capitalism and it is not the welfare of the people that matters, it’s profit. So wages must be kept to a minimum to keep the shareholders happy. Tinkering with minimum wages and such will not get rid of the deprivation, it is the system that is rotten and doesn’t work for the benefit of all our people. It is a winner take all and to hell with the hindmost system that benefits the small band of parasites at the top. Keep the system, keep the poverty.

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       You have to hand it to them for arrogance. Our nice new shiny young millionaire Chancellor of the Exchequer made a statement recently in which he said, “—the age of plenty is over–”. Of course he wasn’t talking about his friends in his millionaire/billionaire club. No, you see their plenty will still go on and on at our expense, and as for us, who never had the plenty in the first place, well our imaginary plenty is all over, again. The stench of hypocrisy coming from the Westminster House of Corruption is overpowering. When that place is in session you probably have the largest collection of millionaires sitting in one room than anywhere else in the country. They will sit and in all seriousness discuss the need to tighten belts and get used to the age of plenty being over. They will point out how wages will have to be frozen or cut, how services will have to be decimated, while they resent having somebody looking over their extortionate expenses claims. They will continue their champagne dinners and retreat to their summer residence in some leafy idyllic spot, leaving us to get on with the poverty and deprivation.

          The decisions of this millionaires’ club will heap untold misery on thousands, while they will be rewarded by their friends in the corporate world for their part in depressing the wages in this country. How much unemployment? Well the Fraser of Allander Institute at Strathclyde University has come up with a figure of 60,000 job losses in the Scottish public sector alone. Professor Brian Ashcroft, policy director of that institute stated, “The public probably don’t realise what we we’re facing. We are set to see a cut in spending unprecedented in recent history.” Though I can accept the learned Professor’s figures, I’m inclined to think that it is an underestimate. It is the “WE” part that I take offence with. All the top paid academics and the millionaires’ club at Westminster keep uttering the word “WE” when there is no real connection between their lifestyle and that of the ordinary people. This is to create the impression that there is some relationship between the lifestyles of the two classes, that we have something in common. “WE” have nothing in common with “THEM”, their decisions will hurt us, it will in no way hurt them. Do they have the right to inflict a such pain and deprivation on others while they themselves lap up the luxuries of a parasitical lifestyle? Does anybody? If, as they keep saying, “we’re all in this together,” well let’s start sharing all the wealth of the nation to see to the needs of all the people, as well as all sharing the burden. As a democracy perhaps they will let us, the people, vote on that suggestion. However, I’m not holding my breath on that one.

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         As our new government sit down with their glasses of wine discussing how they can cut the living standards of the ordinary people, they will also be making rumbling noises about, us all being in this together. They will be discussing cuts to health, education, social services, social benefits, pensions, council budgets and all this will be tied in with higher unemployment. They will bleat about it being necessary and we will all need to tighten our belts.

          However, we should be aware of a few facts, not one of those working hard to implement these savage cuts to our standard of living will in any way be affected by those cuts. You see, our new cabinet is really a cabal of extremely rich individuals. Our two public school boys at the helm are part of a cabinet that has in its little cosy circle no less than 25 millionaires!! Can you see them doing anything that might hurt their positions of wealth and power in an attempt to help the lot of the ordinary people? Do they even understand the problems of the ordinary people? Do they really care??

        You can rest assured that they will be working hard to safeguard their own positions of wealth, power and privilege. They will be working in conjunction with their rich millionaire/billionaire friends from Cameron’s cousin the Queen to his buddy Lord Ashcroft, making sure that the wealth continues to travel up the way into their sweaty little hands and we continue to slavishly accept our position of humble, subservient workforce. They will of course every four years or so give us the privilege of changing which millionaires will preside over the transfer of wealth in the usual upwards fashion.

          Surely we must all be nuts to accept such a ludicrous situation. We live in perpetual struggle producing all that this planet has and they sit on top of us licking up the cream. These parasites need us to maintain their position of wealth, power and privilege, we, on the other hand do not need them to produce a thing. It is our world, we have earned it by the blood,  sweat and tears of our ancestors, all we need is the will and the courage to take it back.

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Freedom and Equality:

           F u n d a m e n t a l l y, anarchism is the struggle for freedom. Freedom from the rulers and cor­porations who dominate our lives and are destroying our earth. Freedom for workers, women, and all oppressed people in all parts of the world. We believe that this sort of freedom can only be achieved together with equality and a fair distribution of resources.

Individual and Collective:

         A n a r c h i s t s believe in the inherent dignity and humanity of the individual. But this dignity and humanity can only be fully realised in a co-operative, egalitarian society. This is why we are in favour of working together collectively and being organ­ised. It is incorrect to equate anarchism with individualism or chaos


        Anarchists understand that this truly free and equal society can only be achieved through revolution – meaning a complete trans-formation of society. This society cannot be ‘given’ to the people by politicians or bureaucrats. It must be built by the people from below.

Violence and Direct Action:

         A n a r c h i s m opposes the violence which is an integral part of capitalism and the State (this violence comes in many forms: war, patriarchy etc.). We believe that means shape ends – in other words, the way we struggle will shape the outcome of the struggle. This is also why we do not support the seizure of State power by authoritarian political parties. However, anarchists do believe in direct action – action taken by everyday people to cause immediate problems for the rulers of our lives. This includes strikes, boycott’s, work-to-rule’s and occupations. Both authoritarian communism (as in Russia, China etc.) and ‘labourism’ (ie. the labour parties of the world), have failed to solve our global crisis. We need a different path to a better world. Anarchism offers itself as a guide on that path.

 What Might an Anarchist Society Look Like?

          The world’s resources would be held in common and shared with all the diverse life on Earth; People would manage their own lives, work and communi­ties, and everyone would have a say in decision making through decentralised forms of organisation; Relationships in all areas of life would be based on mutual respect and equality, regard-less of gender, skin colour, sex­ual orientation, disability, age, culture etc.; Work wouldn’t be boring and repetitive, but instead would be a means of voluntary self-expression and fulfillment; unpopular or difficult jobs would be shared; Education would be integrat­ed into daily life to produce free individuals who think for our-selves; Goods and services would be produced ecologically for human needs based on the principle “from each according to ability, to each according to need”

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