Already Israel is pumping out the propaganda about the violence of those on board the aid convoy. How they attacked with iron bars and other implements those poor commandos who come under the cover of darkness to take control of the ship. This in the eyes of the Israeli state is provocation and needed to be put down with automatic machine guns and other peaceful implements. What would any civilian ship do when boarded by armed invaders on international waters, Does Somalia spring to mind? Of course the Israeli state conveniently forgets the case of the Exodus, a ship carrying Jewish refugees that was commandeer by the British in 1947. Here is a short extract from The Times of he event;

       “— Several hours of fighting followed, with the ship’s passengers spraying fuel oil and throwing smoke bombs, life rafts and whatever else came to hand, down on the British sailors trying to board, soon the British opened fire. Two immigrants and a crewman on the Exodus were killed; scores more were wounded, many seriously.—-.”

         It seems very natural to defend yourself against armed invaders on the open sea, those on board had every right to defend themselves, the Israeli state had no right what so ever to board a civilian ship on the open seas without the permission of the captain.

          However we all know that states make up the rules as they go along, the more powerful the state, more it changes any rules to suit its own purpose, and to hell with the consequences on civilians. The state system is at the root of most of the problems on this planet today. We could of course add religion and corporate capitalism.

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1 thought on “STATE TERRORISM.

  1. Lets not forget about our governments invading Iraq, then opening fire on civilians defending there country. In my eyes there isn’t much difference between these two situations, ones on land, ones on sea.

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