Well we are entering the era of the millionaires’ picnic. All those sweaty handed greedy parasitical millionaires are jumping around with glee. They now have 23 of their millionaire pals in charge of the country who are handing out lots of goodies to the millionaires’ club. Under the guise of necessary cuts they are slashing the budgets of all social services, which in turn will make them unmanageable and lo-and-behold, the private sector will rush in to provide those services at a huge profit to them of course. You can expect such things as refuse collection, water supply etc. to be done by the private sector and no doubt you will be metered and charged according to the amount of refuse you deposit and the amount of water used. The price will be controlled by a bunch of shareholders seeking ever more and easier cash while doing nothing but looking at their bank balance. Under such a scheme I can see rubbish being dumped here there and everywhere as the people try to keep their costs down so that they can feed themselves. Oh, and don’t have too many kids, you can’t afford to keep them clean, bath nights will be a thing of the past, you’ll need that water to flush the loo.

      Now Scottish National Trust, a body that is supposed to hold some of the nations greatest treasure in trust for the people, has hinted that it may have to sell some of its treasures to make ends meet. Yep, it’s the millionaires’ picnic, they will be able to pick up a treasure or two at bargain basement prices, all because of the “economic climate” created by some of their other millionaire friends. They know how to work together, isn’t time we did the same?

         As the millionaires’ picnic gets into full swing you can expect to see all public assets being transferred to the millionaire parasites, who will be sitting back thinking that it is now Christmas all the year round. Unless we smash this roller-coaster run of millionaires greed we will live in a society where there are no public spaces, no public assets, everything will be owned and controlled by the millionaires of the corporate world. You will have to have lots of money to get the simplest of living standards, and if you fall below that level your only hope will be to appeal for charity.

         We have the ability, the imagination, the resources and the right, to build a society based on the needs of all our people, a fair and just society created on the foundations of mutual aid and sustainability. This present system of winner takes all and to hell with the hindmost is not laid in tablets of stone from some higher authority, it is a relatively new man made corrupt and exploitive system. We built everything on this planet, we can destroy the mistakes of the past and in place of the greedy profit driven system, we can create a world we would want to leave to our children and our grand children. The only thing that can stop us is our own fear and the lack of will.

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      As the narcissistic ballerinas of the West Minster House of Corruption prance about in their illusionary world of necessary cuts spouting that there is consensus in the need for savage cuts, not one has suggested some savage cuts to the military spending. For example, how about saving £4 billion a year by ending the war in Afghanistan or saving £70 billion by scrapping Trident, which is more than the millionaire cabal say is needed to balance the books. With one piece of legislation they could wipe out the deficit and end the pointless slaughter of young members of the working class, 298 to date and rising, plus the pointless slaughter of thousands of Afghans, children, young, old, men and women.

         But no, I’m afraid our millionaire friends believe that we are all behind them in this vicious attack on the living conditions of our class. We have even been asked where we would like the axe to fall. A bit like being allowed to select the axe that you will be behead with. We are being asked to take our living standards back to the Victorian era so as to safeguard the profits of the bond markets. Our millionaire friends know who their friends are, and it is not you and I. They also know where they stand in the class war, fair square behind the financial and bond markets, after all that’s where they keep their loot.

         Do we, the ordinary people of this country know who our friends are? It certainly isn’t the filthy rich millionaires’ club who are making a grab for what little we have. With 23 millionaires in the cabinet, they’re not likely to upset their friends and relatives who live by shuffling money around the world to the detriment of the ordinary people.

         This is class war, too many ordinary people are swallowing the propaganda of the enemy and accept the illusionary view that the millionaires’ club are doing all this to save us from further pain. We are supposed to inflict ourselves with pay cuts/freezes, cuts in social benefits, cuts in health, education, pensions and drastic cuts to the social fabric of society on top of rapidly increasing unemployment, the effects of which will last for years, and all this is for our benefit??? What pain will fall on the millionaires club, how will the parasites sitting in that West Minster House of Corruption suffer in these “difficult times”? Can we trust a bunch of parasitical, narcissistic, well manicured millionaires to organise society to the benefit of all? Do we need them? I’m sure we have the imagination and the ability to organise society to suit the needs of all our people, a society freed from the greed of the millionaires and the profit seeking god they worship.

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