Every month in Glasgow I put out a free paper called, The Anarchist Critic. You can down load the latest, issue 110 as a PDF HERE.

The Anarchist Critic Archives as PDFs:

Issue 98   Issue 96.   Issue 95.  Issue 94.  Issue 93.   Issue 92.   Issue 91. Issue 90.  Issue 89.   Issue 88.  Issue 87.   Issue 86.   Issue 85.    Issue 84.   Issue 83.      Issue 82.    Issue 81.    Issue 80.    Issue 79.    Issue 78.    Issue 77.    Issue 76.    Issue 75.    Issue 74.    Issue 73.    Issue 72.    Issue 71.    Issue 70.    Issue 69.    Issue 68.    Issue 67.    Issue 66.

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  2. In many ways Scotland has always led the charge when it comes to progress. A great model. It is important for the rest of the world to see that example. Especially in more developed countries.

  3. Dear Comrade Glasgow

    I am the Christopher Draper who writes about the destruction of FREEDOM that you were good enough to quote. I am very keen to track down the Meinke quote about closing it down. Could you possibly email me a PDF of relevant text? I would be eternally grateful.

    For Peace, Love & Anarchy

  4. Hi there, I love this site. It dispelled the myth that nihilism and empathy are not different things!
    I was wondering if you guys accept short stories or poetry?
    Many thanks
    Greig Turnbull

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