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I am an old wrinkly fair weather cyclist, lover of music and a good debate, would be poet and propagandist for the creation of a free world based on mutual aid, voluntary co-operation and free association.


We have come through the start of the industrial age and moved on to the hi-tec age, but every move into every industry comes with its on particular problems. Practically every industry is linked to an industrial disease. We have silicosis, lung disease prevalent among stone masons, potters grinders etc.. Then there is pneumoconiosis, mainly among coal miners, caused by breathing in fine coal dust and carbon dust. Arc-welders are at risk of manganism, manganese poisoning brought on by exposure to the toxic effects of the fumes from welding rods melting as the are used. Painters are at risk from neurological deficits from solvent‐exposure, which include impaired colour vision, cognitive defects, tremor and loss of vibration sensation. There are many more links with occupation and disease, but we are seldom told of these dangers when you apply for the job. Health and safety regulations go some way to protect workers from these dangers but usually these measures are re-active and only come after years of suffering and campaigning.

As a young man starting my trade in the Clydeside shipyards in the 1950’s, I was ignorant of the dangers of asbestos, and as it was widely used, all of us were exposed to the horror of death from mesothelioma, an asbestos induced incurable cancer. It was not that the dangers of this substance wasn’t known, medical papers had been written about the danger from asbestos exposure as far back as the 30’s, but it continued to be used up to and including the 60’s. The employers didn’t abandon asbestos willingly, it took campaigning and legislation to finally attempt to get rid of this killer substance. That is the pattern in most of industries, its dangers are only restricted by campaigning and legislation. The profit motive drives industry, not the well being of the employee. Most industries can be made safe, but it usually requires investment in safety equipment and training and that costs money which in turn cuts into the profit. So safety in industries will always come lower down the ladder, and as times get harder, corners are cut in safety to prevent cuts in profit. The economic system we have at present does not lend itself to the welfare and well being of the workers, only when the workers control all the industries will their well being be at the fore front of production.


The bike just sits there,

dust covering its lovely sheen,

puffing up the Fintry Hills

well, it’s no longer my scene.

Y’see, as a Clydeside apprentice

I proudly learnt the tradesman’s skill,

little did I know then

the price, asbestos lungs that kill.

Now I just sit here through the painful day

gasping each mouthful of air, wondering

how can I make the bastards pay.

They new it was a killer

a time-bomb in our lungs

but, because it was so quick and cheap

they firmly held their tongues.

So what, if it cost the workman’s life,

there’s always a couple of new workers

in the care of the worker’s wife.

Please try to understand my anger

as I and others bear their cost,

a slow death from asbestos lungs,

a vibrant life lost.

Anguish for family and friends,

all in the name of profit;

now that really does offend.

Our anger without direction

is a blind archer behind the bow,

we have to use our anger

to smash the status-quo.


ATOS claim form information.

ATOS is a French firm paid £millions of UK tax payers money to try to strip those in the UK of their disability benefit. It creates mayhem and misery among thousands of vulnerable people, all in a millionaire sponsored callous attempt to meet the austerity cuts dictated by the financial Mafia cuts program. People across the country are being pushed and bullied and placed under unnecessary pressure because they don’t know how to handle the situation. It is advisable to prepare yourself and a colleague in advance of the interview. To this end a information claim form has been produce which you can download here Atos Claim,


A chance to hear how the ecology movement and anti-globalisation movement functions in America. We can all learn from one and other, Panagioti Tsolkas has been active in the Earth First movement in America for most of his adult life and has a wealth of experience to discuss. This is a free event but it would help if you let ann arky know if you intend coming along, so that we can assess numbers. We need to get enough cups for the tea.

DATE:May 14 2012.

VENUE:Unitarian Church 72 Berkeley Street Charing Cross, Glasgow.

TIME:6:30pm. to 9-ish.

   A History and Future of the International Earth First! Movement, from ecological resistance to revolutionary struggle.

       In this talk, Panagioti Tsolkas, an Earth First! agitator and editor of the movement’s publication, Earth First! Journal, from the US, will briefly introduce the movement’s history and explore the possible future of Earth First!, and other radical ecological efforts, in contributing to the re)emergence of a global resistance to state and capital.     The presentation includes a slide show of images from Earth First! actions and other ecological resistance efforts.

A short intro to talk:

        The Earth First! movement, which began in 1980, has had a presence in several countries around the world. While the movement has been relatively small in numbers, it has had a significant impact both in influencing other social movements and the society at large. Earth First! has challenged people to take the human species down off of the industry-constructed hierarchy of the planet’s wild nature. It has succeeded and survived so long precisely because the style of anarchistic organizing and decentralized direct action which it uses. By reflecting an organic, spontaneous wildness we see in the Earth, we have endured through the state repression and spirit-crushing misery of industrial domination…

       Followed by a short period for discussion and questions. There will be tea and biscuits to help to smooth things along.

More on Earth First! can be found online at EarthFirstJournal.org


There is a war going on in the UK and there is virtually no cover of it in any of the media outlets. The figures from this war are staggering but receive virtually no publicity. For the year 2010 the number killed was 1,857, the total number slightly injured, seriously injured and killed for the same year totalled 208,517. There is no hatred directed at the enemy in this war, as a matter of fact most people revere them, turn a blind eye, ignore the horror of all these deaths and injuries. I am of course talking about the road traffic. The figures above are from the UK Ministry of Transport for the year 2010. Almost 2,000 deaths from road accidents and a total of nearly a quarter of a million injured and killed. That adds up to a lot of misery and anguish for an awfully lot of individuals and families. The UK’s road infrastructure has totally inadequate cycling facilities, a culture where the person gives way to the vehicle, instead of the reverse, a culture where the car is king. Why do we need speed-bumps on roads in residential areas, because the driver feels he/she should not be impeded and should be allowed to race at speed anywhere there is a road. The road is for him/her to get from A – B in the shortest possible time come what may, it is not considered a facility for the community. It is not the car that kills, it is attitudes. A change in attitude would see a dramatic drop in the number killed and injured on the UK’s roads.



this blog has been neglected my myself for some time. The reason being I have lots of other things going on as well as this blog, see HERE.  also HERE, Then their is my monthly free paper The Anarchist Critic. So I sometimes run out of ideas for this spot. So I’m asking all you anarchist, eco people, and those of that ilk, to come up with some suggestions of what I could do with this spot to give it a distinct flavour of its own and be of some use to the general movement towards a libertarian society. Ideas can be put in the comment spot or by email; annarky@radicalglasgow.me.uk


A wee poem lifted from Molly’s Blog. where you can read the fulll story.

“Imagine there’s no freedom
It’s easy if you try.
All proles below us
We can do it on the sly
Imagine all the wages
Much lower than today

You may say I’m a tyrant
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
As consultant 901

Imagine there’s no unions
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing but planes and prisons
And no high pensions too
Imagine all lower people
Living life in debt


Imagine there’s no welfare
I wonder if you can
No need for medicare
Woman once more under man
Imagine all the people
Working for $10 a day


ann arky’s home.


       As the world suffers more from natural disasters and the devastating results of wars, along with the ravages of poverty created by corporate capitalist greed, we need to allow people freedom of movement as they try to survive these horrors. No one can be illegal, borders can’t be a death sentence, we are one. 

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          The following is a short extract from a very interesting article, the whole of which can be read HERE. It is something that all the big financial institutions don’t comment on, well at least not in public. 

    Though it is obvious that if there is the likelhood of such a collapse  the ordinary people should be organising at grass roots level to co-operate and survive through sustainable mutual aid projects. Are we? You can rest assured that the pampered parasites responsible for the debt bubble and its eventual bursting, will have taken good care of their survival, even at the expense of the ordinary people. 

“—Despite all of our advanced technology, the truth is that human civilization simply cannot function without oil and food.  But now the price of oil and the price of food are both increasing dramatically.  So how is the current global economy supposed to keep functioning properly if it soon costs much more to ship products between continents?  How are the billions of people that are just barely surviving today supposed to feed themselves if the price of food goes up another 30 or 40 percent?  For decades, most of the major economies around the globe have been able to take for granted that massive amounts of cheap oil and massive amounts of cheap food will always be there.  So what happens when that paradigm changes?—“

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Don’t jis stawn therr, dae sumthin’!!


G2 7AB

Followed at 3pm by:
Group organising meeting including a go round of problems with benefits,
services etc, other ways of promoting the public meeting and discouraging
medical professionals from working for ATOS.

The Free Hetherington
The Glasgow University Occupation
13 University Gardens
Just off University Avenue,
Glasgow University Campus

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        “Patriotism … is a superstition artificially created and maintained through a network of lies and falsehoods; a superstition that robs man of his self-respect and dignity, and increases his arrogance and conceit.”
Emma Goldman.


    “So many able writers have shown that the unjust institutions which work so much misery and suffering to the masses have their root in governments, and owe their whole existence to the power derived from government—. ” Lucy Parsons

    “People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take. ”  Emma Goldman.


    “It is not by changing ministers – such guilty men! – or issuing declarations that fascism will be conquered. The problem is more complex than that. We do not intend to add our voice to those who delude the workers that their ‘leaders’ will get them out of the mess. The problems need a complete transformation in the present attitude of the working class.”  Marie Louise Berneri From; War Commentary, December 1940.

    Women need not always keep their mouths shut and their wombs open. Emma Goldman.

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Every month in Glasgow I put out a free paper called, The Anarchist Critic. You can down load the latest, issue 110 as a PDF HERE.

The Anarchist Critic Archives as PDFs:

Issue 98   Issue 96.   Issue 95.  Issue 94.  Issue 93.   Issue 92.   Issue 91. Issue 90.  Issue 89.   Issue 88.  Issue 87.   Issue 86.   Issue 85.    Issue 84.   Issue 83.      Issue 82.    Issue 81.    Issue 80.    Issue 79.    Issue 78.    Issue 77.    Issue 76.    Issue 75.    Issue 74.    Issue 73.    Issue 72.    Issue 71.    Issue 70.    Issue 69.    Issue 68.    Issue 67.    Issue 66.

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    The photo below is of the Glasgow Anarchist Group from 1915. The photo is known to lots of anarchists but we are all stumped as to who they all are. We have some info but haven’t had it properly verified and would dearly love to know who these people were. Though it is dated the 1st January there is not a glasses on the table, all cups, saucers and cakes, love and cakes, the essential of any anarchist society. Does that tell us something about the group?

     The info we have at the moment is;
1. Molly Loyd, she married the guy to her left No 2.
2. Charles McPherson, lived in Harmony Row, Govan, worked in Fairfield Shipyard.
7. Willie MacDougal, we know a good bit about him, see; HERE. 
      As for the rest we would love to receive any info on any of them, no matter how small the detail it could help to lead us to further info. Any further info on Molly and/or Charles would also be very gratefully received.



George Orwell certainly knew what he was talking about in his book 1984, where he referred to “newspeak”. From that, our politicians have developed to a position of extreme expertise and have now most certainly reached the pinnacle of “double speak”.

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