Most people are aware of the inequalities and injustices within the capitalist system. We know of the millions that die from starvation and the millions more who live in poverty all to help feed that small band of greedy parasites in the corporate world. The deprivation of whole swaths of the world’s population is on show for all to see. We know the system stinks, but there are millions of hidden miseries that are inflicted on the poorest sections of our communities.

In Britain work related cancer kills more people than road accidents. The following information is from a recent study by The Society of Occupational Medicine. It is estimated that more than 8,000 people die each year from work related cancer compared to approximately 3,000 killed in road accidents. The construction industry is the worst hit with more than half of males diagnosed with cancer working in that industry. Employees in this industry are exposed to asbestos, diesel fumes and silica among other carcinogens. The study also states that there are almost 14,000 newly diagnosed cases of cancer every year related to occupational carcinogens. 54% of those working women diagnosed with cancer do shift work, including night work and it is believed this disrupts the body’s natural rhythms. It goes on to state that over a million British workers are exposed to cancer causing substances at their place of work, asbestos being the main killer.

This burden of cancer falls mainly on manual workers and lower paid grades of employment A further quote from the study states, “Many of the industries with workers at risk don’t have access to good occupational health advice so proper risk assessments are not undertaken.— The missed opportunity is that we know many of the culprits and how to control them.—”.

Once again we see that profit comes before the health of the workers, we know the substances and we know how to control them but it doesn’t happen. Why? Workers are expendable, profit is GOD.

Under any sane and just system society would not expose our people to such dangers. We are taking about the people who build our houses,  schools, hospitals, offices, roads, bridges etc. an essential section of our society yet we allow them to be killed to save a fall in the share price of some corporate body. Good health and safety at work cuts into their profit so can be sacrificed along with the people involved. There will always be somebody they can call on to filled the gap left by the dead and dying.

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