It is now beyond any reasonable doubt that climate change is happening, it is happening now and it is happening with an ever increasing pace. What is also certain, is that it is driven by human activity. The state and the corporate world’s answer to this problem is to put the responsibility onto the ordinary working class individual. Telling them to unplug the tele, only boil enough water for that wee cup of tea, turn your heating down 1 degree and recycle everything. Meanwhile the rich parasite class jet off to Dubai in their private jet or some business class only super jet, to go snow-boarding on real snow in the desert in temperatures of 104 degrees or more, while booked into the underwater hotel.

        It is obviously the rich parasite class, and that means all the rich, that consumes by far the most with their lavish lifestyle, SUVs, private jets, business class only flights and their several homes dotted around the world which they jet off to at regular intervals. It is the ordinary working class people that have to carry them on their backs and pay for the parasites’ crime of greed. This bunch of rich parasites leave a carbon footprint that makes the rest of us look like frugal eighteenth century peasants by comparison.

         Let us make no mistake, the climate change matter is a class matter, it is important to realise that it is the rich parasite class that consumes the most and is therefore responsible for most of the damage but it is the vast majority of the world’s population that pays the price and will continue to do so as long as the class system exists.

        No matter what policies and/or restrictions the state introduce it is the ordinary people that will pay in quality of life while the rich parasites go on with their wasteful lavish lifestyles and continue to rip off both us and the planet. Climate change can only be tackled by tackling the state system and corporate capitalism and the inherent greed and hierarchical structure that they contain. As long as profit is the motive and each of the greedy corporate beasts compete with each other to fatten their particular group of greedy shareholders, then climate change will race on to our mutual destruction. We have to slay the two headed beast, state/corporate capitalism, we have to consign it to the dustbin of history and replace it with a system of seeing to the needs of all our people based on mutual aid, co-operation and sustainability.

           You can continue to recycle your milk carton and pull all the plugs out when going to bed while watching the rich take the world down the tubes or you can start to organise against this system of feeding a bunch of greedy planet destroying parasites.

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