The Arctic ice is melting. Perennial sea ice should survive all-year round, but in the Arctic it is vanishing at about 9% each decade. The reason for the melting ice is crystal clear – the Arctic is growing warmer, and far faster than anything we are experiencing in Britain. Of course, the Arctic is so remote it is easy to forget about it, but we need its ice. Both the Arctic and Antarctic are the air conditioners of the world, cooling the atmosphere by bouncing the Sun’s rays off large sheets of ice into space. Without that ice, the Earth could overheat at a ferocious pace. Arctic warming could also change the world’s atmosphere. As Arctic areas warm up, their permanently frozen soils are defrosting. That could release vast amounts of carbon dioxide and methane trapped in the ground sending greenhouse warming into serious overdrive and the climate haywire.

      The capitalist system of chasing perpetual growth in search of ever increasing profit is the best way to add fuel to the problem. We must come together to smash the state/corporate capitalism machine and create a system which tries to work on sustainability combined with social justice.

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