British, NATO and US forces in Afghanistan are fighting and dying to protect a corrupt puppet government, Put another way, British, NATO and US troops are fighting and dying to protect the opium business of Afghanistan, it is known that at least four of the key players in the opium business in that country are senior members of the Afghanistan government. Also there are certainly many more government officials and government related bodies making a tremendous amount of money from the opium grown in Afghanistan, the world’s largest opium producer. 

       Whatever other reason the West gives for being in Afghanistan, it is certain that the opium trade want them to stay, they certainly don’t want the Taliban back. It should be remembered that up until we invaded Afghanistan the Taliban had wiped out opium production in that country, but strangely and co-incidentally it came back with a rush of success and mega opium-bucks began to change hands immediately after we invaded. As the slaughter of the Afghanistan people and the killing and maiming of British, NATO and US troops proceeds unabated, it’s business as usual for the opium millionaires wheeling and dealing under our protection. How do we come to understand the use of Western tax payers money to subsidise opium millionaires and flood the west with heroin? Only a perverse, corrupt system based on greed for profit, such as capitalism, could spawn such a bizarre and destructive scene.

          What ever guise war is dressed up in, it is always the same, war is the strong arm tactics of the state to back up the corporate world’s rape and plunder of poorer countries. The state and the corporate world live off each other, they are interdependent, they need us. We however don’t need them.

         We can build a new world structured on the needs of all our people and sustainability. A world of federated communities based on mutual aid, free from the corruptive force of profit, free from the greed of the corporate world and its parasitical shareholders. A stateless world of co-operation where borders are lost in the fog of history and differing cultures are seen as a welcome and colourful rich diversity.

         It can be their world of greed, profit, continued rape and plunder of the planet, exploitation, war and poverty, or it can be our world of voluntary co-operation, free association and mutual aid, planned on sustainability. An end to war, poverty and exploitation, a world we would wish for all our children and our grandchildren. However, they will not give it to us, we’ll have to take it.

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