The Arctic ice is melting. Perennial sea ice should survive all-year round, but in the Arctic it is vanishing at about 9% each decade. The reason for the melting ice is crystal clear – the Arctic is growing warmer, and far faster than anything we are experiencing in Britain. Of course, the Arctic is so remote it is easy to forget about it, but we need its ice. Both the Arctic and Antarctic are the air conditioners of the world, cooling the atmosphere by bouncing the Sun’s rays off large sheets of ice into space. Without that ice, the Earth could overheat at a ferocious pace. Arctic warming could also change the world’s atmosphere. As Arctic areas warm up, their permanently frozen soils are defrosting. That could release vast amounts of carbon dioxide and methane trapped in the ground sending greenhouse warming into serious overdrive and the climate haywire.

      The capitalist system of chasing perpetual growth in search of ever increasing profit is the best way to add fuel to the problem. We must come together to smash the state/corporate capitalism machine and create a system which tries to work on sustainability combined with social justice.

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      Let’s all try to understand one thing, there can be no innocent bystanders in the West as Western Imperialism plunders the planet. The relative luxury we enjoy in the West is fed by bullying, threatening, invading and sucking the life blood from the poorer countries of this world, we in the West live off that blood. The people from the “Third World” (there is only one world) have no moral obligation, nor should we expect them, to sit down and quietly watch their families slowly die from hunger and preventable diseases, so that we can maintain our lifestyle while dropping a few coins in their charity boxes.

       Are they supposed to to slowly and painfully die while waiting for the opposition in the West to sort things out? Are their children’s lives worth less than ours? If there is a moral obligation it is with the people of the West to actively dismantle the brutality, the greed, the suicidal-homicidal culture that is Western Imperialism, a system designed to fatten parasites with a spin-off that feeds the West, a system that has taken the destruction of the the planet close to, or perhaps beyond, the point of no return,

       As of yet there is no real movement in the West against this brutal crime, there are a few opposition groups scattered around fighting an unequal battle, but nothing of a mass movement that can take on the might of this destructive beast, Western Imperialism, time is running out. If the ordinary people of the West fail to take this action while the vast majority of the people of this world live in abject poverty, then we are all guilty of this brutal and callous crime and must expect the hatred and the wrath of those dying people and their relatives for generations to come. We in this little corner of the globe have no, legal, moral or some God given right to fed off the rest of the world.

       You cannot be an innocent bystander, you cannot look the other way, you cannot plead ignorance, you are implicated, you are complicit in their deaths. The onus is on us all, we in the West have the power to stop the slaughter, to end this corrupt, brutal destructive system, all we require is the will. Today more than ever nobody has the right to be silent, nobody can sit on the fence, nobody can be a bystander, it is one world, one people.

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The Ultimate Battle.The Ultimate Battle.


See the fat cat’s grinning smile

as Corporate Capitalism runs amok,

Chasing profit as it goes

firing millions of ordinary folk.

Raping and polluting land after land,

starting bloody wars.

Toxic waste, sweat shop wages

and oil covered sea shores.

Where have all the flowers gone

beneath this ozone free sky?

To join the birds, to join the fox

on yonder plutonium field to die.

Mercury fish, strontium lamb

trees that never show a leaf,

radio active beaches, toxic streams

good lean BSE-antibiotic beef.

In a world of epidemic, plague and famine

it’s bottled water and chemical food.

Of course, it’s all tested on rats and mice

so you know its got to be good.

Beneath a sky that’s always black,

hurricane winds and endless drought,

its oxygen masks for the toxic air,

corporate profit’s what its all about.




I want to believe

All that is good is out there

Sleeping in hearts that live in dark valleys,

About to blossom like some magic woodland,

In spite of war, in spite of greed

The essence that is humanity struggling to be free.

All around death arrives in many guises,

Silent as the frost poverty kills,

The ruthless march of war

With every drum beat seeks God’s blessing,

While the God fearing kill the God fearing,

Slaughter in the name of the greater good.

I want to believe

All that is good is out there

Sleeping in the hearts that live in dark valleys

About to blossom like some magic woodland,

Not just as the dream of poets.

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