Ask different people and you’ll get different answers, most will be of a negative nature, a media style stereotype. As far as I’m concerned, one thing anarchism is about is pleasure, about enjoying life, not about suffering. It is about removing suffering where and whenever we can, it is about being your real self and helping others to do likewise.

           So why don’t you have a try? Go out and do something creative, make your own free handout, start painting, write a poem, play an impromptu gig, build an art work in your garden, take the day of work and take the kids to the park. You should be the instigator, the creator, it doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure it is your thing and you do it your own way.

        We all have something to say, and what you have to say is just as important as what anybody else has to say, though the system will tell you different. If you do break out of the conformity straightjacket, you won’t be alone, on the periphery of mainstream culture, away from the empty fashion of everyday life, outside the national galleries, free from the blandness of our modern cities there is an army of people being creative, being themselves, join them.

        You know you have something to say, so get out there and say it in what ever fashion takes your fancy, just be creative, creativity is about expressing yourself, standing up and saying, “This is me.” Thinking for yourself and being your own person, even for a short while, is infectious, so go out and start an epidemic.

         To start to be creative forget all that you have been told and learnt, turn your back on the stifling, shallow life of consumerism. Imagine not how things are but how you want them to be. A new world is possible, but it starts with you, you have to want it enough. Imagine your utopia and start walking towards the vision.

            You could get involved in some of the current protest groups and campaigns in your area, you could start your own, that could be the first step to your new world. Tell ann arky what your idea of anarchism is?? annarky@radicalglasgow.me.uk




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