One of the features of this system of corporate capitalism is that it can only survive by maintaining isolation between the various groups involved in the various processes of the system. At the developed world consumer end of the process the illusion is woven that the product is a must have, value for money, ethical and sustainable. While in most cases at the gathering of materials and production process the conditions are nothing short of slave labour, involve massive destruction of the planet and widespread pollution. The illusion woven for the benefit of those at the bottom end of the system is that they can work their way out of their miserable conditions and then enjoy the lavish fruits it produces.

      However we should know that if that was the case and all that cheap slave labour disappeared there would be no cheap products for the better off to enjoy. So the system needs its poverty strata to produce and its better off strata to consume so that the little bunch of parasites at the top of the stinking system can live in the lap of unearned luxury, while the rest of the people and the planet can go to hell in a wheelbarrow.

MICKEY Z sums it up rather well.

        in the most remote regions of Brazil, slave labour is employed to cut down grand swaths of the precious rain forest to make room to grow eucalyptus which is then burned by male slaves (who exploit the body, mind, and spirit of female slaves forced into prostitution) to make charcoal for the steel mills of Brazil where the poorest of the poor toil for wages that do not sustain them so that steel can be shipped to a general motors plant in Mexico (gm is now the second largest employer, behind Wal-mart, south of the border) where the poorest of the poor endure maquiladora conditions so these automobile parts can then be shipped to a gm plant in the U.S. (roughly 50 percent of what is termed “trade” consists of business transactions between branches of the same transnational corporation) where even the poorest of the poor proudly take on imposing debt to possess a car “made in the U.S.A.” so they can clog the highways that were paved over inestimable eco-systems, filling the air with noxious pollution as they make their way to the drive-through window of an anti-union fast food restaurant that purchased the beef of slaughtered cattle that once grazed on land cleared by male slaves who exploit the body, mind, and spirit of female slaves in the most remote regions of Brazil.”


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