There are still those who believe that by writing letters and donating time and money to candidates and political parties they can effect genuine change within a country. They seem to hold the view that change must come from above, therefore we must petition the leaders, and once they realise the validity of our view, they will graciously make the changes. There is no evidence what so ever to support this view. The need is to resign from the debating society, stop expecting party political donations to change the world. There are too many longwinded responses to the right wing rhetoric, responses that only solicit more rhetoric.

        Mass organising outside the party political system, people on the streets, that’s what brings about genuine change. Our history tells us this story if only we would read it. The Glasgow rent strikes of 1915-26, women’s suffrage, the labour battles of the 20s & 30s, the American civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam war protests, the Upper Clyde Shipyard work-in, the British anti-poll tax protests and there are many, many more. All these movements were successful because of the people on the streets, people taking direct action. All these movements were at first opposed by the major sections of the party political system. The social changes these movements created didn’t happen because people politely and meekly waited for the major parties to respond, they happened because the people ignored the party political system and forced the implementation of their demands.

          The government is there not to listen to the people, but to defend the system that keeps the wealth and power in the hands of the corporate greed machine. It will always do its best to defend its class, and if that means a series of unending oil wars, the death of thousands and the destruction of a country or two, then so be it.

         The ordinary people cannot rely on such a system, if we wish a better world for all, then we will have to do it ourselves.


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