If anyone has any doubts about the brutality of the state all they have to do is take a look at the history of aerial bombing. As far as the state is concerned aerial bombing has always been an instrument of terror and an excellent means of colonial control. In the 1920’s the British imperial state apparatus used it to terrorise dissident Kurds and Iraqi tribesmen as it attempted to exert its control over the Middle East. Other imperialist states did likewise in their colonies. Of course to show their concern about this brutality and their desire not to use it on their own population, the imperial states at a 1933 Geneva Convention debated outlawing aerial bombing, except for, “police purposes in outlying regions”, it seems it was all right to maim and terrorise those troublesome natives over in the colonies. Of course the debate ended in them rejecting the whole idea of a ban on aerial bombing.

        A few years after this, during the Spanish civil war, Germany, with the consent of holy Franco and therefore God’s blessing, unleashed a brutal aerial bombardment on the Spanish town of Guernica. Of the town’s 10,000 inhabitants at least 1,600 lay dead with more than 900 bleeding and buried in the rubble, aerial bombing had come to the imperialists’ own backyard and the line between civilian and military had been washed away with blood.

       The second world war saw the various states indulge in carpet bombing of none military cities and towns, of course each blaming the other of criminal acts. This horrific process culminated in the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima with the loss of thousands of civilian lives. Since then the imperialist states have moved on to napalm in Vietnam and “shock and awe” in Iraq, from simplistic bombs to cruise missiles, all on civilian populations.

       Can there be any trust for an apparatus controlled by a wealthy elite that shows such disregard for the lives of ordinary people? The state’s only purpose is to protect its own power and the wealthy coterie of parasites that control that power and has nothing to offer the ordinary people. The state and its military appendage must go, must be consigned to the dustbin of history to bring an end this barbarity and before the people can have any control over their lives.

      The future of the ordinary people lies in federated communities built by the people who live in those communities, based on the needs of those people founded on sustainability with free association, voluntary co-operation and mutual aid and freed from the corrupt forces of power and profit.

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