Most people here in the West believe that police brutality is something that happens in other parts of the world, some nasty dictator’s patch, not here in our free and democratic lands. After all, as the saying goes, when you want to know the time ask a policeman. Of course the reason for this misapprehension is not that our police are necessarily less brutal than other states, it’s just that our media never show the brutality that is handed out by our fine boys in blue, it is always photos and video clips of those nasty police in other countries, weaving the illusion that it doesn’t happen here. However everybody that has ever taken part in a protest of one sort or another will have their stories to tell, it could be what they witnessed or what they received at the hands of the thin blue line.

         We should never forget that the police are there to safeguard the state and its institutions, not as some people seem to think, to protect them from muggers or house-breakers. That sort of activity is just a spin off, a training ground, an information gather procedure, a public relations exercise.

       The above photograph, which could have been taken in any country, was taken in Germany June 2007, as you can see, they are simply applying the law with fairness and impartiality, just doing their duty, or could it be more accurately described as provoking, intimidating and brutalising, all in the name of freedom and democracy.

         Britain like all other states has a history of brutality to working class people when ever they have stood up to question the actions of the state. Two prolonged crimes of brutality in Britain in recent times that are now working class folklore could be the brutality heaped on the miners and their supporters in the 80s and the violence against the poll-tax protesters during the same era. Of course we all can come up with our own memories of the boys in blue and how they helped you across a busy road.


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