The state system seems to survive in spite of its crippling restrictions on our civil liberties, today more than ever the state works against the general population and is simply the apparatus that keeps control of the population while the corporate world rapes and plunders the planet in its endless pursuit of profit. It protects a small group of pampered parasites and ensures that the wealth of the world flows in their direction and stays there. Why haven’t we as ordinary people brought and end to this enslaving system?

Perhaps it is because there is a powerful disposition in each of us toward developing a view of the truth, a value structure, that favours the circumstances into which we happened to have been born. Where we start from always seems normal, therefore correct, it is only with observation and reasoning that we realise other ways and start to question our values. Interaction with others should stimulate or reasoning, unfortunately, self ennoblement can be and often is, the invisible cement of religious and political dogma. Against this invisible barrier the only defence is the ruthless application of reason. Reason must be the doorman that evicts and prevents entry of self-serving false entailments that attempt to shape our value structures. inducing us to accept a false reality. Reason should force us to see our true position in relation to the social structures we build.

Each of us has the faculty of reason, and it is our right, as well as our responsibility, to exercise it. Surrendering this faculty to others, for what ever purpose, whether it be to the authority of the state, church or political party, is neither a rational nor an ethical option. Holding a particular belief can never relieve us of our responsibility to strive to justify our beliefs in the light of evidence. The state by its nature negates the individual’s right to govern his/her own life by reason, as it demands allegiance. Today we have marauding religion infested politics on the rampage with powerful states infused with religion, this is intrinsically flawed and extremely dangerous to us all, since they must insist on their version of the truth against all others. A considerable amount of the violence across the world is manifestation of this fact. How we interact, one with the other can have no reference to revelation but only to ethical truths that can be discovered through human reason. Our capacity for such reasoning and that each individual is capable of ethical consideration, is what gives each of us the right to equal worth, this in turn makes any need to appeal to divine revelation redundant. It should also allows to see the state in its true colour and look beyond this system to a better world built on reasoned co-operation and mutual aid.




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