It is endemic in every nation state, it is part and parcel of the nationalist philosophy, “our people are pure, our culture superior, other nationals inferior, other cultures either brutal, backward, decadent or all of these. History is littered with the brutal genocide of innocent people just because their culture was “different”, their language “different.”

Our world of nation states is a world built and controlled by psychotics who believe that they are superior and in a position to lead the world. Their reality separates them from any other human that is in someway different and in their world difference equates with inferior. Their beliefs of national superiority have sent rivers of blood flowing across our tiny world.

This will only change when those who believe that all people are basically the same and have the right to self expression and respect wrestle control of their lives from the nationalist psychotics and dismantle the nation states.  

One Face of US Genocide.

      Migrant child imprisoned at Hutto prison in Texas for over six months with her mother. The prison fed children spoiled milk and forbid them toys, while mothers were sexually assaulted and chained to their beds during medical examinations. Homeland Security denied entry to the United Nations Rapporteur for migrants in May 2007 at the for-profit prison of refugee and migrant infants and children./Photo Jay Johnson-Castro More information from: HERE

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