Roma in Europe

  Roma family in Italy.


Read Amnesty International’s  page on the plight of the Roma in Europe and help to see that they are given, at least, the same human rights as the rest of us.   

    The Roma are one of Europe’s oldest and largest ethnic minorities, with an estimated 10 to 12 million Romani people living within the countries of the Council of Europe.

Existing predominantly on the margins of society, Roma are among the most deprived communities in Europe. They suffer massive discrimination and are denied their rights to housing, employment, health care and education. Roma communities are often subject to forced evictions, racist attacks and police ill-treatment.

Amnesty’s work on the rights of Roma forms part of our global Demand Dignity campaign, focussing on the human rights abuses that are a cause and a consequence of poverty.

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       In Britain today we are a nation of the observed, there is one cctv camera for every 14 people, making a total of 4.2 million cameras watching you go about your business, more than any other country in the world. It is not unusual for an individual to be captured on more than 300 cameras on one day. There are now plans to to expand the capacity to read vehicle number plates from an amazing 35 million per day to 50 million by 2008.

         You are also being recorded in other forms, the national database holds more than 3.5 million profiles of individuals. Since 2002 there have been more than 8 million criminal records checks on those applying for jobs. By the end of 2002 law enforcement bodies had made more than 400,000 requests for data from mobile network operators. Last year to April, 631 adults and 5,751 juveniles had been electronically tagged.

         We have kids being fingerprinted at school on the pretext that it makes it easier for them to use the library, (how did you use the libraries in the past?) and some schools using palm prints for ID.

           Is your personal data safe, the simple answer is NO. As more and more private companies enter the security field the sharing of data becomes more widespread, the more it is shared the more it leaks into other hands, plus data is valuable on a commercial basis and companies will pay good money for information about you and what you get up to.

           At present there are 216 catalogue companies in the UK that are part of the Abacus data-sharing consortium with information on more than 26 million people. All this available to those how have the money to pay. You can also rest assured that there are lots of other organisations collecting your details to sell to the big companies, if there’s a profit in it, somebody will do it. .

          It is all about control, control of you and me, that’s why the state backs every one of these activities. To know where you are, should you be there, have you permission to move to another point, are you doing what you should be doing at that given time, and all verifiable and therefore can be enforced. Such activity is repugnant to any society that professes to be free, this society is obviously not free. Until we dismantle the state and all its attendant apparatus and replace it with a system of free association, voluntary co-operation and mutual aid, the growth of this type of activity is inevitable. Use your imagination, think where can it further expand to in you personal life, perhaps your living room? Big brother would like that!!

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Justice for Aafia Siddiqui


Public meeting,

6:30pm, Saturday 22nd May, Augustine Church,

41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL

Speakers:  Aamer Anwar, Mujahid Islam 

Organised by SACC and the Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh

       Dr Aafia Siddiqui is a Pakistani woman who has lived and studied in America. She  is currently Prisoner Number 90279-054 in New York’s Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Centre.

        In 2003  Aafia “disappeared” along with her three children while visiting her mother in Pakistan. Evidence now shows that she was “Prisoner 650” in the notorious Bagram. As a US Detainee she was given no rights to question her treatment and has suffered physical and mental torture.

       In 2008  she was taken to the US to stand trial. After all the investigations done on her, the only thing they charged her with was “assaulting and attempted murder of US personnel in Afghanistan” while she was in prison. She was convicted in March 2010 on flimsy evidence. 

In the Brooklyn Detention Centre she is being denied phone calls and letters while she awaits sentencing (scheduled for 16 August). This is inhuman and she is becoming very ill.  

       SACC is a member of the Justice for Aafia Coalition, an umbrella body of organisations campaigning for the release and return to Pakistan of Aafia Siddiqui and for the opening of a full investigation into the circumstances of her detention and the fate of her children. We are also demanding that while Aafia Siddiqui remains in US custody she must be treated humanely. The humiliating and degrading strip and cavity searches must stop. She must be allowed contact with her family. She must be allowed letters, phone calls, visits and reading material. 

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      European policy of Fortress Europe, preventing people from anywhere in the third world getting here, kills. When people are attempting to escape persecution or poverty or both they will take desperate measures. Instead of welcoming them and offering them a chance to contribute, Europe shuts the door in their faces and can inflict even more hardship or even death on their already tortured lives.

       According to recent information at least 13,300 people have died since 1988 along the European frontiers and app. 5,300 went missing at sea. In the Mediterranean sea, and through the Atlantic Ocean towards Spain, 9,400 migrants died. In the Sicily channel 3,200 people died along the routes from Libya, Egypt and Tunisia to Malta and Italy, including 2,100 missing; 175 people drowned sailing from Algeria to Sardinia. Along the routes from Mauritania, Morocco and Algeria towards Spain, through the Gibraltar Strait or off Canary Islands, at least 4,400 people died, including 2,315 missing. 1,081 people died in the Aegean sea, between Turkey and Greece, including 610 missing, 610 people died in the Adriatic sea, between Albania, Montenegro and Italy, including 230 missing. But the sea is not only crossed in makeshift boats, it is also crossed hidden inside registered ferries and cargo vessels, 162 men died, asphyxiated or drowned in these circumstances.

         For many people the Sahara is a dangerous but necessary route in order to reach the sea in an attempt to escape to a safer and better life. People cross it on inappropriate trucks along the tracks between Sudan, Chad, Niger and Mali from one side, Libya and Algeria on the other. These routes have claimed at least 1,715 lives since 1996. But according to survivors, nearly every trip counts its victims. So the numbers could be much higher. There are also the victims of the collective deportations practised by the Tripoli, Algeria and Rabat Governments, of taking and abandoning groups of hundreds of migrants in open desert areas.

        The wealth of Fortress Europe is created by exploiting the third world, it needs that devastating poverty to continually enrich itself. Those exploited in the third world are workers striving to exist just as we do, but they do it in much more arduous conditions. We as workers should open the doors to all workers in an attempt to rid the world of this exploitation. We should not be manning the barricades against our own kind to protect the exploiters. We should be pulling down the borders and put an end to the killing. We can put an end to the desperation that drives people to face death just to improve their lives. It requires solidarity between all workers in this corporate controlled world.

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      Recently my passport expired and I had reluctantly to head to the passport office for a renewal. On my previous visit, some ten years ago, it was a matter of taking your place amidst lots of people and watching monitor screens waiting for your number to come up. This time however, it was somewhat different, I arrived and was confronted with an electronic glass door which didn’t open as I approached. I stood there making movements in a Chaplinesque fashion in the hope that it would respond and let me in, then I noticed a security guy on the inside pointing to the left of the door. What he was pointing at was a large button which when pressed magically opened the glass doors, through these doors and heading to a second closed glass door only to be greeted my more gesticulations from another security guy on the inside indicating that it was the other glass door on the left that I should go through. I was now inside the citadel, and in the presence of two women security guards behind a counter and three male security guards on my side of the counter. One of the women asked if I had any sharp objects, keys, knives, scissors etc. If so I was to put them in the little box plus any mobile phones, then I was beckoned by a male security guard to walk through a scanner, once through I got my keys and mobile back, I didn’t have any knives, scissors or any other type of sharp objects.

       What is this all in aid of? Are they expecting some terrorist, illegal immigrant, alien, undesirable or whatever they want to call them, to rush in with a knife, scissors or other sharp object demanding a passport? If it is the suicide bomber that they are worried about, I have no doubt the said psycho would blow himself up as soon as the young woman asked him to hand over his keys, sharp objects, knives, scissor, mobile phone etc., at that point he is already in the building. Perhaps it is protecting the staff from assaults, if so then why not post offices, council offices, benefit offices, rail station ticket offices, chemists, schools, department stores etc.? Perhaps they have these in mind somewhere down the line, along with the thousands of CCTV cameras on “our” streets, plus a number tattooed on your forearm, a compulsory ID card covers as that, as you can’t go anywhere without it.

        This is obviously one of the many symptoms of an extremely paranoid governing class, part of an extremely efficient control system instilling fear and obedience devised by the governing class or a combination of both. It has nothing to do with the well being and safety of you and I on the street.

       This is the world that we seem to be blindly strolling into, a world of controlled movements, every excursion in to your town or city photographed as you make your way to the bus, the shops, the pub with armed police walking the streets. They will keep telling you that it is all for “your” protection, but you must realise it is for “their” protection, they must know what you are up to, who is going on a protest, where and how, who is acting different from the crowd. Only you and I can stop this and take back our world.


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Grooming for subservience!!!


      It is often said that we are sleepwalking into a police state. I would disagree and say that if we aren’t already there we are certainly galloping straight into the cage. On top of all the intimidating national database, ID cards, security checks and armed police at various points we are now to be hit with the police carrying portable finger print scanners. In spite of the fact that there is considerable doubt about there accuracy as the rely on a flat scan and not the rolled scan with ink as used in police stations. 

      While all this is going on there are people, who, seeing the dangers are protesting against this continued intrusion by the state into our every personal detail and movement. However there are those without a voice who are being weaned on this intrusive fabric of the police state and it is going on more or less without any real protest. Our children are being subjected to a more invasive regime than we would readily accept yet we seem to do nothing.

      What our children are being subjected to is nothing short of the panoptic society. Below are listed some of the infringements to their human rights, which, by our silence we blindly endorse.

Police stationed in Eastbank Academy, Campus Cops. Glasgow, from 2002 now widespread in schools (BBC News 16.09.02, Evening Times, 09.10.07

CCTV mass surveillance (31 cameras) in Perth Academy 2003; playgrounds corridors and stairways. (SCS)

Fingerprinting nursery pupils for library books, to be implemented in Queen Street nursery, Falkirk 2006 (Forest;2007)

Random Drug testing in schools called for from Head Teachers Association of Scotland (HAS) 2006

Fujitsu “Palm Secure” biometric palm scan, Todholm Primary School Paisley, (first in Europe) 2006 rolled out to 14 Education authorities by 2007, (Yarg Biometrics based in Perth) (Forest; 2007)

Amey Infrastructures Services (Glasgow) contractors for PFI builds biometric scanning into new school construction Renfrew, 2007.

RFID radio frequency identity cards- Active frequency tagging sewn into school uniforms, Hungerhill School, Doncaster England age 11 – 16 (Spartan Solutions and Sun Microsystems)

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) databases include samples from anyone arrested over the age of 10 regardless of being charged or convicted or innocent.

Microdrones used by Merseyside Police are flying remote controlled ‘spy drones’ (tried out in Iraq) fitted with CCTV cameras now used for tackling antisocial behaviour from 2007.     

      If our kids are subjected to this degree of surveillance as soon as they walk into school they are likely to grow up with the assumption that this is normal and will hardly protest as the intrusion creeps ever more personal as they grow into adulthood. This is only possible by our silence and the co-operation of the state’s soft police force, the teachers. It has to be attacked or the next generation will be walking zombies of the true police state, where their every personal detail and movement is known and checked to see if it complies with the wishes of the state.

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     It is endemic in every nation state, it is part and parcel of the nationalist philosophy, “our people are pure, our culture superior, other nationals inferior, other cultures either brutal, backward, decadent or all of these. History is littered with the brutal genocide of innocent people just because their culture was “different”, their language “different.”

Our world of nation states is a world built and controlled by psychotics who believe that they are superior and in a position to lead the world. Their reality separates them from any other human that is in someway different and in their world difference equates with inferior. Their beliefs of national superiority have sent rivers of blood flowing across our tiny world.

This will only change when those who believe that all people are basically the same and have the right to self expression and respect wrestle control of their lives from the nationalist psychotics and dismantle the nation states.  

One Face of US Genocide.

      Migrant child imprisoned at Hutto prison in Texas for over six months with her mother. The prison fed children spoiled milk and forbid them toys, while mothers were sexually assaulted and chained to their beds during medical examinations. Homeland Security denied entry to the United Nations Rapporteur for migrants in May 2007 at the for-profit prison of refugee and migrant infants and children./Photo Jay Johnson-Castro More information from: HERE

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     According to a group of “experts” (its always “experts,” though anybody can see the glaring obvious.) the “youth custody service” is in crisis and facing meltdown, there are no more places. Young inmates are being held at units hundreds of miles from their homes, making it extremely difficult to stay in touch with their families. These conditions of overcrowding and isolation from families invariably leads to more young people being brutalised and more young people committing suicide. Why do we do this to our kids? No young person deserves this kind of treatment, is there no alternative?

       When we talk about the “youth custody service” we are talking about criminalizing and brutalising working class youth, – young working class people in overcrowded prisons. The overcrowding in the “youth custody service” mirrors the overcrowding in adult prisons, prisoners are being held in police stations as the prisons can’t cope, meanwhile, the UK state is considering the use of prison ships and building SUPER prisons. In this system if its not working, then more of the same, only more brutal is their only answer. As far as the powers that be are concerned, it would seem we are a nation of criminals.

       Are we to believe the prison system is bursting at the seams because our kids are worse and we as a population are more criminal and anti-social than other European countries? Or could it be that the system we live under is more unjust and socially divided because of poverty, lack of opportunities and amenities, more authoritarian and eager to exert control over the population and by doing so criminalizes and incarcerates ever increasing numbers of the population?

       We can’t get rid of the injustice, the poverty, the lack of amenities nor the lack of opportunities without changing the system from one of profit to one of social needs, though that should be our aim. We can however do something immediately about the criminalizing of our kids. We can open up a dialogue between the youth in our area and the adults, discuss with each other what we want and what are our problems and how we can help each other to sort things out to everybody’s advantage and get away from this split in our communities of what looks like marauding packs of youth and disgruntled adults the two rarely speaking to each other. In so doing we would short-circuit the police activity and stop this brutalising and criminalizing of our kids. It would also give us more control over our own environment and help us to shape the community we live in. However, not until we get rid of this system driven by profit and based on the greed of the few pampered parasites, will we be able to create a society based on social justice, the needs of all in our communities, peace, co-operation and sustainability.

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      As far as the state is concerned the politics of fear is the most effective way of gathering support for the state apparatus. People’s fears, manufactured by state propaganda, lead them to accept all manner of draconian measures that they are told will protect them from the foreign enemy. Terrorism, the faceless, invisible threat, is the perfect candidate for the state to further its control over its citizens. In the eyes of most of its people the state is seen as protecting them from that faceless, invisible threat while tightening its control over them. Because the Orwellian state, the desired outcome of all modern states, will only be accepted through a fear from which the state is believed to be protecting us, it is therefore not foolish to expect that the state will create and foster such fears.

      Since the 9/11 affair we have seen the state in this and most other countries pass more and more control legislation that they could never have attempted had there not been a climate of fear, a fear fanned by their propaganda. In this country we now have more CCTV cameras per head of the population than any other country in the world, mass surveillance of the ordinary people on a scale never before envisaged and it is readily accepted because of this climate of fear. Further to all this, UK Ministers have suggested a plan costing up to £12bn on a system that would track, tag and store internet history, e-mail records and telephone calls of every person in Britain, The proposal, would entail installing hundreds of hidden devices to tap into communications on the internet and via mobile phone providers. A national database would be created to store the information. A first installment of £1bn has already been allocated to the Government’s central intelligence agency GCHQ. Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, said: “Any suggestion of the Government using existing powers to intercept communications data without public discussion is going to sound extremely sinister.” There have also been fears voiced concerning security issues about maintaining such a large database.
       MI5 currently conducts limited e-mail and website surveillance, but still requires permission from the Home Secretary on a case-by-case basis to carry out the checks. If the new proposals are implemented, the intercepts would be comprehensive and automatic. The Home Office said no formal decision had been taken and said it “did not recognise” the £12bn price tag being put on the system. However sources said officials had made clear that ministers had agreed “in principle” to the program.

       Examples of e-mails that will immediately be flagged to MI6 putting your house under 24 hour surveillance with the possibility of you being shot 5 times in the head at close range whilst running for your train – “yeh, the party was a real blast” “Met Gloria, she is dynamite” “The visit went down a bomb.”

        With this control and mass surveillance we see our right to peaceful protest being stifled, dissent being labeled suspect or even terrorist in nature. We now have to ask ourselves, is this fear justified, what is the REAL evidence, are we prepared to see our lives being tied in ever tightening controls, our every movement monitored and our avenues of protest being closed down? Is this acceptable in a so called democracy? It is now more than ever time to challenge the state before there is no right to peaceful protest, no voice of the people to rein in the obtrusive power of the state. Later could be too late.

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       If anyone is in doubt, that we in the UK, are now in a police state perhaps the knowledge that the UK has the biggest police DNA database in the world might help them to see the true nature of our society. Also the fact that a police chief can call for the police to be allowed to administer summary justice, dispensing with cautioning, charging and trials, surely smacks of something very offensive.

      The government wants everyone on the database and in the process is sucking in children along the way. To date it has already spent more than £300 million of your money and my money on this project, no doubt with more to follow. I believe the following figures should cause some alarm among ordinary people. At present more than 5% of the British population have their DNA profiles held by the police. The EU average is 1.1% and in the US it is 0.5%. Within this volume of DNA samples more than 51,000 are from children who have never been cautioned or charged, plus 140,000 adults who have never been cautioned or charged. Also 24 % of those on the database who have never been charged with committing a crime come from ethnic minorities, this is three times their representative proportion in the UK as a whole. To this offensive catalogue of personal DNA profiles is added a further 40,000 every month. At this rate there will be 4.25 million on the database by 2008, according to the Home Office’s own predictions.

         Some people might might be under the impression that the police need this information in tackling crime and that they make good use of the database details. However the reality says the opposite, and perhaps is hard to believe, only 0.35% of all the crimes detected by the police during 2004/05 came about as a result of using DNA samples, this hardly merits the plundering of our personal DNA profiles and an expenditure of over £300 million of our tax money.

          We are already finger printing school children at their schools without the permission of their parents, and failing to mention it afterwards.

        Its all about control, the state wants to know where your are and why you’re there. Then there was our previous loopy-loo delusional Christian fundamentalist Prime Minister St. Blair, who was intent on taking it further with his control freak idea of targeting the unborn “thugs”, doing something about them before they arrive, perhaps he had in mind an abortion order on the mothers of yet-to-be-born “thugs.” Perhaps he was thinking of funding, with taxpayers money, some hi-tec company to develop some super scanner that can detect the “thug” foetus at the early stages. Of course it would never have occured to him that perhaps alienation, poverty and exploitation are some of the root causes of the problems he perceives.

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On yer bike pal!!

You can’t keep a good idea of the streets, we’re all anarchists at heart.

     NVA are re-enacting the infamous Witte Fietsenplan (White Bike Plan) for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010. The original Witte Fietsenplan (White Bike plan) was an anarchic free transport programme in Amsterdam started by the Provos , the Dutch counter culture movement of the 1960’s. The initiative was the source inspiration for the (PUB) Public Use Bicycle systems which has been updated and ‘officially’ replicated in cities worldwide.
      NVA’s White Bike Plan will celebrate the political and ecological drives behind the original action by providing 50 white bikes free for the festival audience to use to travel between venues. There will be a central drop-off point for bikes at the Glasgow International Festival Hub courtyard on 54 Miller St each night up to 9.30pm as well as having bike drop off points at other festival venues. The universal combination lock code for the bikes is 6510. NVA have published a Witte Fietsenplan (White Bike plan) pamphlet that will be available at the festival hub and participating venues.

      NVA have also curated a small exhibition on the Provo ’s Witte Fietsenplan at the Glasgow International Hub at 54 Miller Street . Opening times of exhibition: 10am – 8pm daily throughout the festival.

There will be a Ride Out to launch our White Bikes on Thursday 15th April 2010. All 50 bikes will ride en masse from Kelvingrove Park to George Square where at 12.30, there will be an action and proclamation of the original manifesto. If you have two wheels, be there at the Kelvingrove Park Fountain at 11.30am to join the Ride Out.


We also wish to recruit 5 cyclists from our audience to become part of the Ride Out on the 15th by riding the White Bikes themselves. If you would like more information on what this will entail please send an email with ‘MORE INFO ON WHITE BIKE RIDE OUT’ in the subject line to by Monday 29th March 2010.

We have finally put up a facebook page for NVA and a sister page for the NVA White Bike Plan, this will allow an open forum for the public to let us know if they have used the bikes and post any images of them on the streets of Glasgow …   and  For further info on NVA’s White Bike plan visit:
For further info on Glasgow International Visual Art Festival 2010 visit:
Photo: Cor Jaring
15 North Claremont Street  Glasgow  G3 7NR  t: 0141 332 9911

NVA (EUROPE) LTD trading as NVA
VAT Registration No. 724 2264 56
Company No. SC183523 Registered Scottish Charity No. SC027613
Registered Office: 15 North Claremont Street , Glasgow , G3 7NR



          Ann arky, an old wrinkly, boarded the bus at Hope St and placed the bus pass on the wee machine. Red light flashes, after umpteen attempts by myself and the driver, still no ticket. The driver then took the pass and said, “You’ll need to get off the bus”. “You have to be joking” was my reply. However he was not joking, he said that I would have to leave the bus or he keeps my pass as he can’t issue me with a ticket. I let the queue that had formed do their thing and then tried again, this time correct light and ticket appeared. This might seem like a slight inconvenience but had this been the governments super-duper-all-in-one ID card, it could fail when I go to get my medication, sorry sir, no medication, I’m deid. Or perhaps I wanted to draw my pension to get some grub, no money, no food. You might say that it is a once in a million chance but on the 1st January this year in Germany 30 million cards failed to function. People couldn’t draw money from ATM machines, nor could they make any purchases. As far as I am aware it took about a week to put things right. In this country if the government gets its way it could be a week without money, medication, no access to benefits, hospitals, dentists, etc. and of course if you’re a pensioner, a long walk home at night. This ID insanity must be stopped to avoid a real disaster.

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     December 2008 in Athens a youth is shot dead by Greek police, this brutal act was the catalyst for the release of a wave of pent up anger and frustration of the Greek people, a wave that washed over Greece and many European cities for well over a month. April 2009 an innocent man walking home from his work in London is brutally assaulted and dies, again it is the hand of the police that is blood stained. Anybody who has been to demonstrations on a regular basis knows that the police are not there to keep the peace nor to enforce the law, their action is always provocative and intimidating. They are agents of the system and are there to stifle protest. The history of protest is written in the blood of ordinary people, blood shed by the various agents of the system. Each death causes shock among the ordinary people but our history is littered with such events. Who remembers Blair Peach? April 1979, he was clubbed on the head at a demonstration in London and died the next day, no charges were ever brought against the police officer responsible. Death by misadventure was the verdict.

     It is time that the ordinary people woke up to the fact that the state kills workers who fight for a better life. Here in Glasgow we can go back as far as you want and the story is the same. 1787 Calton weavers strike, the strikers marched towards the Cathedral to make their point in a demand for a living wage, the military opened fire and killed 6 wounding many more. Jump forward to 1919 when workers were asking for a 40 hour week to try to soak up unemployment. They were baton charged in George Square and running battles ensued throughout the city the military with fixed bayonets were posted on the city streets, machine guns on the roofs at George Square and tanks stationed off the Saltmarket. Remember the brutal treatment hand out to the miners in the eighties? Our history is littered with such cases, struggle to improve your life and risk the wrath of the state, it’s there to protect the wealth of that army of parasites that feed off our backs. Until we build a mass grassroots movement to replace the system of profit and exploitation, and to protect us from the ravishes of such a system we will continue to suffer at their hands.

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+ UK ranked 6 in global list of repressive regimes +

A report from the US internet security company Cryptohippie puts the UK at number six in the list of the world’s most repressive regimes in terms of the electronic surveillance of its citizens. The report ‘The Electronic Police State, 2010 National Rankings’ says: “The UK is aggressively building the world of 1984 in the name of stopping ‘anti-social’ activities. Their populace seems unable or unwilling to restrain the government”. The report defines an electronic police state as being characterised by “State use of electronic technologies to record, organize, search and distribute forensic evidence against its citizens”. The report can be downloaded at

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       Most people have an opinion of what repression is and it is normally seen as something to do with an outrageous violation of rights and it usually happens somewhere foreign and under a dreadful dictator but not here in our “democracy” This illusion is based on the failure to grasp that repression is part and parcel of any class society. In our society, as in any class society, there are those who rule and those who are ruled. It is the state’s function to maintain this structure protecting the privileges of those who rule against the desires of those who are ruled, to do this a combination of coercion and accommodation will be applied. In its drive to maintain the status quo the state will have to continually repress any social movements that attempt to break the rule-ruled, empowered-disempowered nature of our society, repression is a necessary and permanent part of the state apparatus.

          The military and the police are two of the main bulwarks of the state and recent years have seen a change in the way that the state deals with dissent. Crime is no longer seen as something done by individuals, it is now a “war-on-crime” this in turn has brought a militarization of the police, armed police on the streets is now seen as commonplace and it is not just small arms, the police can call on every more powerful fire power. The introduction of the community police has been an attempt to turn the ordinary people into the eyes and ears of the state allowing the state to be more pre-emptive in its approach to dissent.

The state also infiltrates all organisations of protest and dissent, monitoring and provoking where it feels it would be beneficial to the survival of the state. Infiltration and provocation are not new, we can go back to what is known as the 1820 insurrection, when government agents provoked an uprising in order to deal more severely with its dissenters. The same principles are applied today. The state’s ever changing forms of repression also attempts to link protest to its “war-on-terror” creating a fear among the people and allowing it greater scope to deal with any form of protest or dissent. This is repression of the desires of the ordinary people for change

      In today’s class society repression comes in many varied and subtle ways and to change society for the benefit of all we must confront that repression where ever it is present. We must see the community police for what it is, we must see protest as our way of taking control of our lives and changing society for the good of all future generations.

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