Nothing ever changes in the relationship between the corporate greed machine and the state. Big business can and does create tensions and shape the state’s foreign policy, all draped in the cloak of patriotism and compassion for others. The state and the corporate greed machine have honour degrees in hypocrisy.

        In 2001, Bruce Jackson, vice president of Lockheed Martin and other members of the neocon Project for a New American Century, wrote to President George Bush stating that “American Forces must be prepared to back up our commitment to the Iraqi opposition by all necessary means.” What was driving his desire to help the Iraqi opposition, the love of the people or the love of the money involved? The previous year Bruce Jackson chaired the sub committee that produced the Republican Party’s foreign policy document that George Bush ran on in 2000. A few months after retiring from Lockheed Martin, Bruce Jackson in 2002 formed the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. Were Bruce Jackson’s views altruistic and driven by the concern for the Iraqi people or were they shaped by the billions of dollars that Lockheed Martin stood to plunder from the taxpayers as a result of the war?

         As Iraq burned costing countless thousands of casualties and ever mounting deaths, not to mention nearly $300 million a day of taxpayers money, another contractor driven organisation, The Iran Policy Committee is calling for pre-emptive strikes against Iran. Why is big business being allowed to shape a state’s foreign policy? They are simply the same organisation, big business picks up the loot and the state does the strong arm stuff. Working class bodies and taxpayers money will feed the corporate greed machine’s avaricious appetite for profit if they have their usual influence on the American state apparatus.

         Like I said before, this is not new, the history of the modern state is littered with the corruption of its bed partner corporate greed. It was one of their own, General Eisenhower, that called for, “An alert and knowledgeable citizenry” to stand up to the military industrial complex.

       Well isn’t it now time to stand up and dismantled this festering union of corporate greed and the state apparatus? Must we see endless wars and countless deaths stretch into the future of our children, all in the name of corporate greed? Must profit shape this world into an endless battlefield?

       We the people have the power, of that there is no doubt, all we need is the will. We must communicate, organise and resist our children’s future being dragged into this nightmare of endless wars.

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