Our millionaire Prime Minister at a meeting in Birmingham made clear what we all new would be the case. He stated that his slash and burn cuts at our social services to get the deficit down and under control would be permanent and would not be restored once the budget deficit had gone. So it is not a matter of a little pain now and all will be well in the future. This is clearly millionaire ideology being forced onto the general public. All the social services, education, health, care for the elderly, pension, you name it, it will be up to the private sector to step in and provide these, at a huge profit for them of course. Services will be graded according to what you can afford not what you need. If you fall into the category that can afford very little, well tough, you’ll have to rely on charity, after all, business is business.

          This millionaire hatchet man also stated that we would have to do things differently. What he means by that, is a society with no social services and no social conscience, a 100% profit orientated society, the underlying principle being if it doesn’t make money then don’t do it, let some charity organisation take care of that side of things.

         Is this the sort of society that you voted for? Is this the sort of society that you want? If not then we had better get our heads together and do some organising, not to put things back the way they were, but to change society forever based on the needs of all our people and dump the millionaire parasites in the dustbin of history.

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