Roma in Europe

  Roma family in Italy.


Read Amnesty International’s  page on the plight of the Roma in Europe and help to see that they are given, at least, the same human rights as the rest of us.   

    The Roma are one of Europe’s oldest and largest ethnic minorities, with an estimated 10 to 12 million Romani people living within the countries of the Council of Europe.

Existing predominantly on the margins of society, Roma are among the most deprived communities in Europe. They suffer massive discrimination and are denied their rights to housing, employment, health care and education. Roma communities are often subject to forced evictions, racist attacks and police ill-treatment.

Amnesty’s work on the rights of Roma forms part of our global Demand Dignity campaign, focussing on the human rights abuses that are a cause and a consequence of poverty.

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5 thoughts on “Roma in Europe

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    • I have no doubt that there is corruption among the Roma, but what society is without corruption? They are still a minority and they are persecuted. Perhaps some of the corruption comes from that disrimination that they live under, a form of survival. We have corruption here in our country, as you have in yours, it is seldom because the people are born corrupt, it is something they learn to survive.

  2. Well, they are discriminated, but they are as cunning and smart as any East European would be, as many of the Roma come from here, my lovely and beautiful country (and I’m not ironic saying that, as this country is very beautiful, but full of corruption), Romania! Here, those that work, or steal, or whatever they do in the Western countries, and send back the money or come back, make themselves palaces out of their little huts/houses. Even the queen of England would want one! And what cars…and having a lot of money, in the Southern part of the country, many form mafia gangs, and lie to poorer people to give their children to make money (for their own families, and sometimes the mafia give them some cash, so that the lie would be “swallowed” faster) – and those poor kids are sent to Italy or Spain to steal, beg or be prostitutes. And the rich ones have “friends” in the Police, so nobody gives a damn about it! Let me search some photos on the internet to show you the palaces! Here you are: But, as a conclusion, because of this small minority that commit crimes and steal and send children to be prostitutes (and so on and so forth), all of the Roma people are discriminated…so, this is the sad story.

  3. Yes, but, maybe I’ll be a little bit antisemitic right now (even if i have some Jewsih blood flowing inside me). Don’t you think because of these so many persecutions, somehow society will create from simple Roma people into people that will use the victimization as a weapon? (actually, they started doing that…) Many Jews use their history and the memory of the Holocaust as an excuse for their actions, for instance, against Palestinians. You cannot speak about them, tell jokes about them (but about others, you can), like they would be some elite or something. Even if the Roma people are an discriminated minority, they should be seen as equals from the start, and not cried about their hard life, because they will be used as weapons against all the others. They should be given books, not “I’m sorry that this is your life”, they should be given hope. And, because you said that “what society is without corruption” makes them as equal as we are “in Gods eyes” (muhaha). They are easier to marginalize because they are smaller in numbers than we are. So, we all must be Roma people…total solidarity. Help them, promote the positive image of them (example: they are very good musicians), and show to the people of Europe that all of us steal, lie, but in different ways. Many know what corporations do, but still continue to watch all Roma people with hatred. Many don’t know the real story. Many don’t know why they are so poor. That they were used as slaves in the Medieval times, and never were granted rights until the 20th century. It is our fault that they have this life…so, our duty is to get the out of this mess, not to promote emotive feelings towards them. Am I not right?

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