We no longer have a political party system, it is a corporate state. No matter what party you elect and no matter the different and wonderful manifesto promises, after the election it is just as before with perhaps a little plus or minus this way or that. The smile on the face of the new messiah may look more radiant than the last, but the price of bread still goes up. The few over privileged parasites that have control of all the institutions in our society have bought the political parties and are in bed with the military. Big business is all, and war is big business, so we will have war, bloating the coffers of the corporate greed machine until they bleed us all dry. To the corporate world people are dispensable, profit is the name of the game.

          Turning to this or that political party creates the myth of democracy and the results prove that it is no more than a myth, an illusion spun by the media, another institution, which is hardly likely to speak against its master and owner corporate world.

             If we want a better world where we see to the needs of all our people then we have to break the hold of that corporate beast. Communities have to take control of all those institutions and run them in federation with each other based on sustainability. We have to eliminate the profit motive from all we do, and create for the benefit of all, mutual aid being the key. No matter how you try to shape capitalism, no matter how green you think you can make it, it is unsustainable and will never work for the benefit of all, it is an elitist and exploitive system that works for the privileged few parasites who own those corporations.

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6 thoughts on “THE MYTH OF DEMOCRACY.

  1. Hi Ann Arky (anarchy(?)…

    It is easy to:

    – criticize, but do you have any solutions you’re willing to contribute time and effort to?

    – imagine a better a world, but do you have the skills or ability to create it and assure us that it won’t turn into another ‘communist’ experiment where the ‘reformers’ end up worse ‘tyrants’ than their predecessors and the system they ousted!

    History keeps repeating itself, G. Orwell’s Animal Farm was a warning to look behind the facade at motives and hidden agendas…

    I don’t want to be rude, but what are your solutions and have you factored in “human nature” – that while you might be a sincere and honest idealist, there are others who are better defined as ‘opportunists dressed as reformers’ and the danger is that we always find out too late…

    • As long as we accept leaders then history will keep repeating itself. It is only by direct participation of all those involved in any given situation that we can avoid the pitfalls of leadership. The way you phrase the beginning is an indication of looking for that person with the “special skills”, all in the community or any organisation have some skills to bring to the table and only those who are involved have the right to make those decisions. Avoiding the leader with the grand plan is the first step to be taken. My blogs are just my opinion and not a diarty of the way I live my life.

  2. Socialism: The State owns the means of production. Capitalism: The Means of Production own the state. It has always been that way. It is incorrect to think that somehow democracy got away from us. We never had it.

    The original meaning of “democracy” was government by random lot or “sortition”. That was the Greeks’ definition.

    • Histoy tells us we have never had democracy, we can of course have the concept in our minds and strive towards the ideal. The derivation of the word is not important, it is what we want to shape it into that counts. We are not bound by definitions or derivations but by the real world we live in and our desires and ability. We can make what has never existed.

      • Yes, but your post isn’t about striving for an ideal. You are merely stating the facts as they have always existed. Parties, corporations, and the media are all in bed together. I’m saying a possible ideal for the future–whether the Greeks had it 2500 years ago or not–is sortition. Just pick people randomly. No parties.

  3. It is not for me to tell others what the ideal is, I can just point to facts as I see them and perhaps make a few comments and state my opinion. What others make of them is entirely up to them. Are you looking for a leader or a prophet, if so you will have to look elsewhere. The people on the ground will have to make their own decisions.

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