There is a war going on in the UK and there is virtually no cover of it in any of the media outlets. The figures from this war are staggering but receive virtually no publicity. For the year 2010 the number killed was 1,857, the total number slightly injured, seriously injured and killed for the same year totalled 208,517. There is no hatred directed at the enemy in this war, as a matter of fact most people revere them, turn a blind eye, ignore the horror of all these deaths and injuries. I am of course talking about the road traffic. The figures above are from the UK Ministry of Transport for the year 2010. Almost 2,000 deaths from road accidents and a total of nearly a quarter of a million injured and killed. That adds up to a lot of misery and anguish for an awfully lot of individuals and families. The UK’s road infrastructure has totally inadequate cycling facilities, a culture where the person gives way to the vehicle, instead of the reverse, a culture where the car is king. Why do we need speed-bumps on roads in residential areas, because the driver feels he/she should not be impeded and should be allowed to race at speed anywhere there is a road. The road is for him/her to get from A – B in the shortest possible time come what may, it is not considered a facility for the community. It is not the car that kills, it is attitudes. A change in attitude would see a dramatic drop in the number killed and injured on the UK’s roads.


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