A chance to hear how the ecology movement and anti-globalisation movement functions in America. We can all learn from one and other, Panagioti Tsolkas has been active in the Earth First movement in America for most of his adult life and has a wealth of experience to discuss. This is a free event but it would help if you let ann arky know if you intend coming along, so that we can assess numbers. We need to get enough cups for the tea.

DATE:May 14 2012.

VENUE:Unitarian Church 72 Berkeley Street Charing Cross, Glasgow.

TIME:6:30pm. to 9-ish.

   A History and Future of the International Earth First! Movement, from ecological resistance to revolutionary struggle.

       In this talk, Panagioti Tsolkas, an Earth First! agitator and editor of the movement’s publication, Earth First! Journal, from the US, will briefly introduce the movement’s history and explore the possible future of Earth First!, and other radical ecological efforts, in contributing to the re)emergence of a global resistance to state and capital.     The presentation includes a slide show of images from Earth First! actions and other ecological resistance efforts.

A short intro to talk:

        The Earth First! movement, which began in 1980, has had a presence in several countries around the world. While the movement has been relatively small in numbers, it has had a significant impact both in influencing other social movements and the society at large. Earth First! has challenged people to take the human species down off of the industry-constructed hierarchy of the planet’s wild nature. It has succeeded and survived so long precisely because the style of anarchistic organizing and decentralized direct action which it uses. By reflecting an organic, spontaneous wildness we see in the Earth, we have endured through the state repression and spirit-crushing misery of industrial domination…

       Followed by a short period for discussion and questions. There will be tea and biscuits to help to smooth things along.

More on Earth First! can be found online at

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