On 29 June 2010, I posted the idea that nothing less than an indefinite Pan-European general strike would be needed to change the shape of society for ever. To free ourselves from the grip of corporate greed and build a society based on mutual aid in a sustainable fashion we have to take control of all those corporate institutions. In a word, occupy, transforming them into institutions that are truly democratic, sustainable and run for the benefit of all in our communities, working in federation with each other.

           There is no point to forming a mass organisation to ask our “Lords and Masters” (the parasites) to please give us back some of our pensions and please don’t decimate our health service and could we please have a half decent education system, but leave the greed mongers and millionaire parasites in charge. We created all the wealth on the planet, we own it by our forefathers sweat and blood and by our own efforts. They on the other hand have contributed nothing but control it all. The present economic climate may be our last chance to grasp control and change society for ever. Every ordinary person will feel the effects of the millionaires “austerity cuts”, ever ordinary person has to realise that there is a better way to organise our society without feeding the plundering parasites of the corporate world. We have nothing to lose, they are attempting to take every public asset into private hands and completely out of your control. Social services will be private business, you pay or you do without or rely on charities. This system of leaders, presidents and corporate greed has given us nothing but wars, poverty and deprivation, we can surely manage our lives much better than that.

         Organising to take control of our communities and our workplaces is the only hope left for the ordinary people to create a decent life for themselves and their children. As long as we accept the present system of plundering and exploitation of the many by the few, then we are on an ever accelerating downward spiral to ever greater deprivation.

          The UK Trades Unions have called for a co-ordinated defence of our conditions, the members should be calling not just for UK co-ordinated action but for that Pan-European general strike, not to protect our conditions but to create that better society which is run for the benefit of all. A truly free and democratic society based on free association, voluntary co-operation, mutual aid and sustainability. To hell with the misery of being exploited to hand greedy shareholders a life of unearned luxury, to hell with Chief Executives firing thousands of workers and walking away with millions of pounds for their efforts. The 29th September is growing ever nearer???

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      Let’s all try to understand one thing, there can be no innocent bystanders in the West as Western Imperialism plunders the planet. The relative luxury we enjoy in the West is fed by bullying, threatening, invading and sucking the life blood from the poorer countries of this world, we in the West live off that blood. The people from the “Third World” (there is only one world) have no moral obligation, nor should we expect them, to sit down and quietly watch their families slowly die from hunger and preventable diseases, so that we can maintain our lifestyle while dropping a few coins in their charity boxes.

       Are they supposed to to slowly and painfully die while waiting for the opposition in the West to sort things out? Are their children’s lives worth less than ours? If there is a moral obligation it is with the people of the West to actively dismantle the brutality, the greed, the suicidal-homicidal culture that is Western Imperialism, a system designed to fatten parasites with a spin-off that feeds the West, a system that has taken the destruction of the the planet close to, or perhaps beyond, the point of no return,

       As of yet there is no real movement in the West against this brutal crime, there are a few opposition groups scattered around fighting an unequal battle, but nothing of a mass movement that can take on the might of this destructive beast, Western Imperialism, time is running out. If the ordinary people of the West fail to take this action while the vast majority of the people of this world live in abject poverty, then we are all guilty of this brutal and callous crime and must expect the hatred and the wrath of those dying people and their relatives for generations to come. We in this little corner of the globe have no, legal, moral or some God given right to fed off the rest of the world.

       You cannot be an innocent bystander, you cannot look the other way, you cannot plead ignorance, you are implicated, you are complicit in their deaths. The onus is on us all, we in the West have the power to stop the slaughter, to end this corrupt, brutal destructive system, all we require is the will. Today more than ever nobody has the right to be silent, nobody can sit on the fence, nobody can be a bystander, it is one world, one people.

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