So it would appear that the Pope is no popstar, with only 50,000 tickets sold for the beautification ceremony in Birmingham, at £25 a go, the faithful have drawn back and held onto their money. How many would pay that and more to see Robbie Williams? So it looks like the Vatican will have to fork out some extra cash for their travelling circus. In spite of the lack of screaming fundamentalist pop fans, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the highest-ranking Catholic in the country, stressed that the visit would have a positive effect on the state of the Catholic Church in Britain, and we all know, it certainly needs that. He also stated, “It improves morality in the Catholic Christian community. It will outweigh any fears, any worries, any depression that folk might feel about the cost. I look forward to it very, very positively,” Of course he will not be paying, so why would he worry about the cost. Some media sources have stated that the government has set aside a FURTHER £10 million to cover the cost, so are we talking about £20 million of tax payers money to fund this medieval mumbo-jumbo indulgence of illusions of the biggest paedophile riddled organisation in the world? Austerity cuts and we are all in this together!!!

    For those interested there will be a large demonstration in central London this Saturday against the Pope’s visit. Why not pop along and add your voice.

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