The Pope visits Scotland this week at great expense to the general public of all religions and of none. Millions of pounds to see to his security, which seems odd, I thought God would have seen to that part. No doubt, he, like all Christians, will claim to be ready to go when their maker calls them, but will take great care and every precaution just in case God slips up and somebody dispatches them before God was ready to receive them. Oh ye of little faith!!!

As with all these events we can expect to hear of a spate of visions and miracles in the aftermath of the hysteria surrounding his visit. All this mass genuflection, mumbling prayers and hallelujah because of the presence of a man who presides over an organisation that is riddled with paedophiles and abusers of all descriptions. An organisation that has for generations, hidden the abusers and silenced the victims. An organisation where priest abuse children and move up the hierarchy and cover the tracks of other abusing priests. Then when found out all raise their hands in horror and talk of a rogue priest, despite the fact that every week or so uncovers another bunch of abusing priest. Yet they still believe that this man who has come up through the ranks of this cesspool of abusers was unaware of what was going on. How very unobservant of him, perhaps he was a recluse, but we know different. He was involved in all aspects of the organisation met with all the ranks from the lay to the Cardinals but was unaware of the rampant rape and abuse that has been going on at all levels for many, many years. Makes you think, doesn’t it??

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