As the “credit crunch” starts to bite ever deeper into the core of this corrupt system of greed called capitalism, the owners of this country, the corporate mafia, will be scurrying around looking for money to bail themselves out. Make no mistake about it, they own this country, they own all the best land, they own all the means of production and distribution and they own the media, they have you by the balls.

       At the moment we are hearing about lay-offs in the city, estate agents, lawyers etc. Most people don’t think that affects them too much. However, the grab for money will filter down to building workers and ancillary trades, distribution, retail and so on, white collar, blue collar, it won’t make much difference what colour of shirt you wear as you are disposed of, as the corporate mafia try to get money from any source to stay in control. You can expect a brutal assault on the social services, they have already grabbed most of your final salary pensions, they’ll be back for the rest and they will be making a grab for all that social security money.

        This is a crisis for the system, the gloves will be off and it will attack and impoverish everybody in its bid for survival. It is also an opportunity for the people to organise and change forever the social structure of our society. Forget the normal trade unions, fighting each little groups corner, trying to protect their individual members conditions, they will pick them off one at a time. Now more than ever is the time to form that one big union across all trades and groups. Not this union and that union defending the conditions of one little group. The IWW is the strongest route to go. One big union that will draw all the people together to fight in support of each other and for the total abolition of the wage slave system. The corporate world is organised and will fight a united fight as it savagely attacks the conditions of the people in its need for money, the only sensible answer would seem to be that we the people should defend ourselves as one united body. No war between the people, no peace between the classes.

One united brutal attack surely merits one united strong counter attack.

ann arky’s home.


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