Some time ago the housing charity Shelter stated that more than one million children risk serious illness because of damp, run-down, cramped homes. It also said that children in poor houses are more likely to suffer a range of problems from disease and interrupted education to poverty in later life. The report’s author, Lisa Harker, said, “Children who grow up in bad housing are robbed of their future chances by ill-health, education under achievement and devastating insecurity.”

          She added that those living in sub-standard homes are 25% more likely to fall ill. Children in over crowded homes are 10 times more likely to contract meningitis, also those in damp houses are between one and three times more prone to coughing and wheezing The report also states that overcrowding has been linked to slow growth in childhood, tuberculosis and higher risk of heart disease in later life.

         This report is not about any undeveloped country, we are talking about the UK, one of the developed capitalist world’s top economies. The UK is in the top 5 economies in the world. One of the world’s richest nations. Once again it is glaringly obvious that capitalism can’t see to the needs of the ordinary people. To deprive over 1 million children of their full potential and to drive them into a catalogue of preventable diseases in the midst of unbelievable wealth is the hallmark of the capitalist system. Capitalism is the system that drives the price of the most basic of needs, a decent home, far beyond the means of most of the people. While in this cruel and corrupt system there are those who purchase several homes in the £500,000+ range, there are the vast majority that struggle to hold onto a half decent home, watching their children’s future being blighted by the ever present greed for profit. The state and the corporate world put a price on your child’s health.

         Those million plus children have parents, it is up to those parents to see through this world of corporate greed and call a halt to a system that will willing let their children suffer to fatten the shareholders profits. The choice is yours, profit or your children’s health and future. There are alternative ways to build our society, if we so desire, and we should for the love and future of our children. We can take control of our communities and structure them on co-operation and mutual aid, seeing to the needs of all our children. Creating a world of federated communities where we see to each others needs based on sustainability, bring an end to the self-centred, corrupt, immoral corporate greed machine and its strong arm partner the state. Only by organising at grassroots level and taking control of our lives and communities can we hope to bring an end to this blight on human dignity. An end to the rape and plunder of the planet and its people to pamper a pack of avaricious parasites.

ann arky’s home.


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