Cartoon from Black Flag Vol. VII No.6 1984. 

       Recently an old friend gave me some 1970/80s back numbers of the wonderful magazine Black Flag. What surprised me most was that nothing seems to have changed and what was being said then is still relevant today. There was the struggles against cuts, the miners fight to keep their jobs and their communities. Today its still the cuts and the dole, cuts in all aspects of the social fabric of our society and public service workers, among others, fighting to keep their jobs. The parties come and go, the new leaders come into favour and fall out of favour, the people always have to struggle to try to hold onto what they have. The system never changes, wealth is created and moves up the syphon to the elite pampered parasites who control the levers.

      While our millionaire masters wallow in unearned wealth, they preach to us, the lesser beings, about having to make sacrifices. They can stand in front of a live audience, and with a serious face and not a hint of bushing with shame, can spout such crap as “We are all in this together.” “We have to make difficult choices.” “We all have to make sarifices.” Not one of those with this master plane of cuts and sacrifices will in any way be affected by their legislation. They are the propaganda masters of the corporate world, they weave the illusion of having common ground with the ordinary people. Let’s make it clear, there is no common ground between the pampered parasitical emlpoyers and the struggling ordinary people.  They want you to work as long as possible, as hard as possible for as little as possible and pay them for everything you’ll ever need or want, at a profit to them of course. We want a fair, just and decent society that sees to the needs of all our people based on mutual aid and sustainability. Tell me, where is the common ground? We are diametrically opposed, for our vision of society to become a reality we have to get rid of the opposing view that people are there for exploiting and creating wealth for shareholders. It is their world, or it is our world, it can’t be both. Which do you want?

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