I keep repeating my pet little mantra, Workers, know your history or repeat yesterday. No doubt there will be lots of people out there thinking that this cuts thing, is something new, a blip in the wonderful efficient capitalist system. However if you look at history you’ll see that it is the normal partern for this type of society. What gains the workers have won over the years by many and long struggles soaked in blood, sweat and tears have always to be defended as the system attempts to take everything back to feed the parasites at the top of this stinking system. What is happening now, cuts and increasing un-employment is just the system doing its thing, yesterday happening again, simply because we haven’t learnt from the past, we have forgotten our history so we repeat yesterday.

   To make my point I have taken a cartoon from an old newspaper, not any old newspaper, but one worth reading. It is from a 1978 Bread and Roses paper. 

ann arky’s home.


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