Today, more than ever, we are being bombarded with state and media spin which tends to trap us in a world of unreality, making each country insular and suspicious of all others. The state, to control its population, must always try to get them to think as one, as a group, subservient to the state and a belief that our state is of course the best, it will do its utmost to prevent us from developing into knowledgeable free thinking individuals. If we grasp that this unreality is being pumped out by all, or most states around the world we begin to see the unreality of the barriers that this creates. There is no real difference between the ordinary working people in one country from those in another, there are cultural differences and differences in material wealth. People around the world fall in love, struggle to bring up their off-spring, chat with neighbours, disagree with each other at times, grow old. Across the globe ordinary people try to reach their full potential, usually struggling against an unfair and unjust system. We have to break out of the cages created by this unreality, we have to seek the knowledge that will lead as back to our world of reality where all people have a right to a decent life and co-operation is the the only route. Why should I look with suspicion at a family in another land, struggling to create a decent life? Why should anybody think that somehow they are entitled to live at a level of material wealth that is dependent on another family living in poverty? Perhaps addressing these questions might lead us out of the spin created world of unreality.



ann arky’s home.

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