The Next Resource War.


       As the oil wars rage in various parts of the world, mainly the Middle East with a ruthlessness and brutality that shocks, angers and saddens all thinking and compassionate people, we should be aware that the next round of resource wars has already started.

        At the moment it is in the softer approach, though with no less misery to those poor communities at the receiving end, with the powerful and the wealthy gobbling up the world’s water resources. This policy is being pushed through by the policies of such bodies as GATT, IMF and The World Bank in the form of enforced water privatisation in poorer countries as conditions of loans and trading arrangements. It is also happening in the richer countries.

         As nation states see their precious and necessary water resources being taken by foreign companies the struggle will take on the same ferociousness as the present oil wars with the same resulting misery and carnage.

      Apart from the resulting misery and carnage that will follow from the privatisation of water, privatisation of water is wrong per se.

      The following is the simplest explanation of why privatisation is wrong that I have seen and is taken from artman 

        “What champions of privatisation want to do is take all the assets of government and give them to private corporations to run at a profit. For example, if my local municipality has spent 100 years putting together a water supply for my community, something we paid for and we own, these fellas want to give it to some guy so he can make a profit from selling me water. Sometimes the new owner is asked to make a modest investment in his new business, but seldom does that entry fee represent anything like the value of the assets that have been privatised into his care.

          Formerly, water – clean, healthy water was practically a right. It didn’t matter who I was. Turn on the tap and water flows. If it didn’t, there was hell to pay and we could vote the water commissioners, councilmen, or whoever was responsible out of office and even demand that they be heavily fined or jailed for betraying a public trust.

       Once privatised, what was our water isn’t anymore. It is a product. If it becomes more profitable to do something else with it than sell it to us at whatever rate the market will bear, then we’d better get used to not having any water.

         But above and beyond this kind of shell game, one of the worst things these champions of privatisation do is set up the public utility to fail, purposefully to demonstrate to us all that the public body can’t do the job properly.”

         But you and I know, that’s capitalism, greed and profit the mainstay of everything, people away down the priority list. A brutal system of winner take all and to hell with the hindmost. When will we ever learn.

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                     Wake up Glaswegians, you have been ripped off. You’re not usually that slow when it comes to being taken for a ride. Remember all those things you enjoyed while growing up in the city and took for granted that they would be their for your kids, parks, swimming pools, pitch and put, football pitches, libraries, museums and more, well think again. The Glasgow city chambers’ mafia have gift wrapped them and handed them over to an unelected body, all that was yours, paid for by you over the centuries and gifted to you has been taken from under your noses without as much as a “do you mind.”

               The crass, brazen theft by those who were supposed to be the guardians of of the City’s wealth seems unbelievable, but you had better believe it, it is has happened

              This is not about a couple of dusty libraries and museums, this will affect every district in the city and far beyond. This is about where will your kids play, where will you spend your leisure time. This is about the parks, the ponds, the golf courses, every library, gallery and museum, this is about your allotment All taken without your consent and more or less privatised in haste where it will all be out with your control. Financial institutions will be the controllers, you will have no say in how they are run and for whose benefit.

              This is such a massive theft that impacts on us all, our kids and grand-kids and having been implemented will be almost impossible to reverse. We can sit back and just moan about how it used to be, or we can start to take action to reverse this theft of the century. We can start by contacting everybody we know and talking about how we can organise to regain control of our kids future quality of life. We can organise, demonstrate, protest, lobby and publicise, we stopped the poll tax, we must reverse this, it is our common good assets, we have to defend them for our coming generations. You wouldn’t want to be asked by your grand-kids, “what did you do to stop the theft of our parks?” and reply, “nothing.”

        If you want to talk about this barefaced plunder of our assets, you can contact ann arky at the e-mail

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