There are those academics/pundits that appear on TV and write in newspapers about the economic situation and make statements like, “These cuts are a big mistake.” “Such deep cuts are a blunder.” Well they don’t quite get it, do they? Far from being a “mistake-blunder” these cuts are all part of the grand plan, and everything is going just fine, the system is working at full throttle for the millionaires club. The grand plan is of course, to transfer all public assets and services to the members of that millionaires’ club, so that the corporate world can deliver everything you want, at a profit, if you have the money of course. You can have a wonderful life, the best of education, the best of health treatment, live in the best of houses. All you will need is plenty of cash, if no cash, sorry, the charities will look after you. Yep, the system is working great if you’re one of those members of the millionaires’ club.

ann arky’s home.


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