This austerity thingy is making times jolly hard you know.


   There is an old lady who lives in London with her extended family. She lives in a little house in central London called Buckingham something or other. Though she is on social benefits from the tax payer to help her to maintain her simple way of life, she is not short of a bob or two. It is known that she has in her possession a wine portfolio with a reputed value of £2 million, a medal collection valued at £2 million, a sizeable car collection valued around £7 million, plus a stamp collection estimated to be worth a cool £100 million. Over and above this simple city life she also has a couple of wee country houses, kind of holiday homes, one called Balmoral and the other Sandringham. It would also appear that she owes the public purse £40 million for the upkeep and maintenance of her city home and some of her other wee places in the country. I have no doubt she will be worried about the cuts in social benefits and the dismantling of the health service as our well manicured millionaire twins keep telling us, “we are all in this together”.


ann arky’s home.


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