As our new government sit down with their glasses of wine discussing how they can cut the living standards of the ordinary people, they will also be making rumbling noises about, us all being in this together. They will be discussing cuts to health, education, social services, social benefits, pensions, council budgets and all this will be tied in with higher unemployment. They will bleat about it being necessary and we will all need to tighten our belts.

          However, we should be aware of a few facts, not one of those working hard to implement these savage cuts to our standard of living will in any way be affected by those cuts. You see, our new cabinet is really a cabal of extremely rich individuals. Our two public school boys at the helm are part of a cabinet that has in its little cosy circle no less than 25 millionaires!! Can you see them doing anything that might hurt their positions of wealth and power in an attempt to help the lot of the ordinary people? Do they even understand the problems of the ordinary people? Do they really care??

        You can rest assured that they will be working hard to safeguard their own positions of wealth, power and privilege. They will be working in conjunction with their rich millionaire/billionaire friends from Cameron’s cousin the Queen to his buddy Lord Ashcroft, making sure that the wealth continues to travel up the way into their sweaty little hands and we continue to slavishly accept our position of humble, subservient workforce. They will of course every four years or so give us the privilege of changing which millionaires will preside over the transfer of wealth in the usual upwards fashion.

          Surely we must all be nuts to accept such a ludicrous situation. We live in perpetual struggle producing all that this planet has and they sit on top of us licking up the cream. These parasites need us to maintain their position of wealth, power and privilege, we, on the other hand do not need them to produce a thing. It is our world, we have earned it by the blood,  sweat and tears of our ancestors, all we need is the will and the courage to take it back.

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  1. I read yesterday that David Cameron has.. wait for it.. 30 million pounds in the bank. I don’t give a fuck what he says, he never will be able to relate to me in any way, or gain any kind of respect off me. Without respect for someone i will NOT listen to what they say. So its a big fuck you David.


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