It appears that General David Petraeus, Commander of US Central Command issued secret orders last September, allowing the Pentagon to engage in espionage and reconnaissance throughout the Middle East and the Horn of Africa without regular congressional oversight or prior approval from the White House. This encompasses friend and foe lumped into the one package. So, can America claim to be a democracy now that its Generals can conduct their own form of foreign policy. A policy that interferes in the internal affairs of its sovereign allies?

          Of course those who are in anyway informed will be well aware that America has been for some considerable time, governed by a military/corporate plutocracy. It is an imperialist power that rides roughshod over friends and foe alike in its quest for control over the planets resources.

        Every four years the American public are granted the privilege of voting to see which bunch of millionaires/billionaires and their cabal of Generals/oil barons will have the privileged seat of power. This will decide which of the corporate moguls will get the cream and which will have to play second fiddle. However, the American people, like those in the other developed capitalist countries, will always remain at the bottom of the heap and for some strange reason they will continue to applaud their parasitical masters.

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3 thoughts on “GENERALS RULE.

  1. couldn’t agree more with that last paragraph, very well said. Where abouts do you live out of interest? somewhere in England? (I’m not weird or anything, just interested how parts of Britain think)


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