Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJP) have organised a short UK tour by one of the Shministim – Or Ben-David – a 19 year old Jewish Israeli woman who has refused to enter military service and has been imprisoned three times as a result. The Shministim – all 12th grade high school graduates – in the tradition of conscientious objectors worldwide, have taken an incredibly brave and inspirational stand in refusing to serve in the IDF in opposition to Israeli policies of occupation and oppression of Palestinians.

     Or will be spending a couple of nights in Scotland – a great opportunity to meet Or and hear first hand about the Shministim campaign. More on the Shministim here


      On Wednesday 12th May, 5.30 pm, Or will be speaking at the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Palestine in Edinburgh.

    On Thursday 13th May – 7.30 pm – Public Meeting at STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG.

     The meeting is being jointly sponsored by Scottish Jews for a Just Peace and Scottish Friends of Palestine –

All Welcome.

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