Today we are seeing a growing trend towards the “privatisation of war, repression and security”. Iraq and Afghanistan are the crowning glories of this free market trend, the armies of occupation are greatly supplemented by a shadowy network of private security firms who carry out many duties that, in previous times and other places, would be done by regular soldiers. The cost to the taxpayer for these mercenaries is usually hidden, and in most cases enormous.

           In the free market capitalist world this sort of contracting out of security has extended to other fields besides military operations. For various reasons most governments favour these “quangsas” (quasi non-governmental spy agencies), one is their fundamentalist faith in the “free market” and the belief in the illusion that all things will be more efficient and cheaper if provided by private contractors. Of course another reason being that most politicians have friends in the private sector and it is a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. There is also the fact “competing” for such government contracts takes place in a political atmosphere that could only be described at best, as dodgy. As we all know, the sort of atmosphere surrounding government contracts is inevitably and massively corrupt. Ex-politicians and, in this case ex-soldiers and policemen nod and wink their way through their old friendships and connections to land the big fish of free government money, “free market competition” my arse. The pig trough extends its funnels like an octopus..

            There is also the fact that these type of private contracts are far less open to public scrutiny and control. Hence the reason that these private security firms that are mushrooming, the new economic bubble in a corporate capitalist recession. The involvement of private security firms in public events has other implications besides just corruptly siphoning off tax payers money, least being accountability.

             The fact that education and health are being privatised points to a future with a private police force and private prisons whose main concerns are the profits to its shareholders. We already have the private prisons, a private police force would just complete the monopoly and crime and incarceration becomes a big money spinner for the corporate world. Of course we do have an alternative, we can organise to take control our communities and build a society based on mutual aid and sustainability and destroy the Orwellian future that the corporate world has in mind for us.

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