Green issues are frequently spouted on TV, radio and the press with lots of business hotshots and pompous politicians commenting on this solution and that solution, of course never mentioning that it is the corporate greed machine and its ever increasing quest for profit that is the prime cause of our environmental problems. However the truth is, not until there is a sustained and successful challenge to the short term interests of this planet-trashing corporate greed machine and its replacement by a sane and sustainable system of seeing to needs rather than greed, will any of the solutions make an impact.

        The economic structures of society have to be changed before environmental issues can be seriously dealt with and resolved. As long as the primary economic structure is the greed driven corporate profit motive, blessed and implemented by the usual corrupt state power, any attempt at resolving environmental problems will be ineffective. The present economic system is plundering and raping the planet for profit and is taking us and our descendants down a road to environmental disaster. To ask the corporate world to be more caring and compassionate and think of the long term interests of us all , is rather naive to say the least. They have to compete with each other or die and will always work to maximise their profits come what may, or their shareholders will leave in droves.

       The corporate world is just one big greedy machine, avaricious and insatiable, inherent within the corporate greed machine is a ruling class that puts its interests before the interests of society as a whole. It is obvious that this is in direct conflict and contrary to the long-term planet-wide solutions required to reverse global warming. This short term self interest of the corporate greed machine must not be allowed to override the interests of the world’s population. We cannot allow the short term interests of the pampered privileged parasitical shareholders to govern our world, all our futures are at stake. Only when we have eradicated this short-term self interest of the corporate greed machine, abandoned parasitical shareholders to the dustbin of history, can we hope to reverse the environmental disaster we are facing. The future of our children and grandchildren depend on us carrying out this necessary restructuring of society. The more you examine today’s environmental problems the more obvious it becomes that to be green, you have to be red.


        “The main object of a revolution is the liberation of man —- not the interpretation and application of some transcendental ideology.”


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