Atheism is not a belief, it is the absence of belief, therefore needs no argument to support it. Faith on the other hand needs argument to support the validity, or otherwise, of its sacred words.

        Faith should be yours to choose, if there are those that feel the need or want to choose religion, then that’s fine. However to force a particular faith on a child is child abuse. It is taking advantage of the innocence of childhood and indoctrinating the child’s mind with a biased inflexible morality, stifling any route to a freethinking mind and lifestyle.

        Religion should be measured by its fundamentalists, the believers of the literal text of their God’s words. When has a church excommunicated a fundamentalist, when have they brought down the wrath of their church on the head of a fundamentalist? However, if the individual goes to far the other way and becomes more liberal, moving away from the centre, the voice of the faithful booms out with vitriol and wrath.

        Those “liberal-nice-guys” of religion are really saying, the “sacred words of God” are not that sacred, you can cherry-pick the bits you like and discard the bits you don’t, you can interpret it as you will. You have to ask them, do you believe these writings to be “sacred words of God” to be obeyed, the good bits the bad bits the miracles and all, or can anybody select what they like and interpret it as they wish? If you can discard, alter and interpret them to your own liking, why not abandon the lot and think for yourself as a rational human being.

         One of the problems with the “Faiths” of the world is that each is convinced that theirs is the only true and therefore superior faith. Large numbers are quite prepared to die for their Faith and also to kill for that same “love of God.” We can find evidence of this in the newspapers every day. It is a strange “loving Divine Creature” that asks it followers to kill in its name, or blesses those that go to kill.

         Surely as human beings we should take responsibility for our actions rather than looking to a higher authority whose existence is denied or called into question by vast swathes of humanity and even those who do believe can’t settle on a unified being as they squabble among themselves as to who has the true “sacred words.” and who are his true followers.

          Only when we as human beings come together as equals and take responsibility for our actions and base those actions on evidence in the real world, seeking no higher authority than ourselves and work in co-operation to our mutual advantage will we start to create a peaceful world.

         Anarchists are atheist, we aim for a world with no kings, no Gods, no presidents, simply communities of people working together with the future of all our children and grandchildren in mind. A free and peaceful world for all its colourful people.

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